ENERGY SAVING TIPS – 7 tips to save money through energy savings

The best form of energy is energy saved. As they say energy saved is energy generated – saving energy is vital in the energy efficiency journey, and is probably one of the best energy saving tips one can ever have.

Perhaps the common question is “How can I save my energy?” or rather “How can I reduce my electricity bill and save money?”.

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Energy Saving Tips

Below are a list of energy saving tips to help you save energy and reduce costs.

1. Retrofit less energy efficient appliances

One of the most under rated energy efficient tips. Perhaps the first thing someone needs to do in order to become energy efficient is to use efficient appliances. A good example include changing all the lights to LED lights which does not consume much energy.

Thus, there is need for an energy audit to identify how much energy each and every appliance at home consumes. From this identify ways of replacing less efficient appliances with minimum costs as this will have a huge impact in the long run.

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This method alone can save you money as it can reduce the energy bill by 30%.

2. Only put ON appliances you want to use

Weakness or negligence? People generally leave appliances connected and on even when they are not in use. This wastes a lot of energy especially in huge households and corporate premises.

A number of energy saving tips can be employed on appliances. Good practices include switching on appliances and not leave them on standby especially when they are going to be not in use for a long time. You can save a lot by doing this.

However remember that some appliances such as satellite and communication devices might need to be left plugged-in in case of recording requirements.

Lights are one of the appliances people usually leave on even when not in use. Therefore, it is important to remember to turn off lights especially in the morning when they are not in use or whenever leaving the room.

Smart automation energy saving tips can save you money if implemented well. Using smart automated devices can be an intelligent way to serve energy as they can detect when no longer in use and turn off the power supply.

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3. Have careful use of energy hungry appliances

Another important tips among the energy saving tips.

There are appliances which are energy monsters and continuous use of such will mean consuming a lot of energy at the end of each month. Examples of such appliances are washing machines, cookers, heating and cooling appliances.

Key energy saving tips for energy monster appliances include using such appliances carefully and proper usage planning. Avoiding frequent turning on and off such appliances will save a lot.

If it is washing then it has to be done at a planned time and in bulk. For example only running the washing machine once a week. Use of low to medium temperatures help reduce energy consumption.

Avoid use of clothes dryers where possible and use racks for outside drying of clothes.

If it is cooking then a planned approach will help rather than a haphazard use of the cooker. Also cooking with the lid on will help save energy.


4. Energy efficient bathing

Bathing in an energy efficient way can save both your wallet and the environment. Spend less time in the shower as this will reduce energy bills. Occasional swapping of a long soaking bath with a quick 3 minute shower can go a long way in reducing energy consumption.

5. Using Smart meters

A smart meter will help track energy consumption in real time. From this it will be easy to realize when you are overconsuming and allow you to take drastic measures immediately.

6. Using double glazing doors and windows

Air is a bad conductor of heat and therefore double glazing will trap air in between the doors or windows and act as an insulator preventing heat loss. This will reduce heating requirements by a huge margin.

Roof insulation can be another avenue to reduce heating needs.

7. Save money with solar energy

Questions: Does solar save money? What are the money saving ways with solar?

Answer: Perhaps the most eyed part of energy saving tips is saving money. Using solar energy can lead to a remarkable reduction in energy consumption from the grid. If your loads are more during the day then it will be easier for you to save through using solar energy. Solar geysers can also be good targets for water heating.


This article gives various compelling reasons for going solar and save money through solar.

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In Conclusion

Following the above energy saving tips will likely bring change to your energy consumption and this can be felt financially. Some tips might not apply to certain regions due to different setups or environmental conditions but will definitely apply to other regions.






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