GOAL ZERO YETI 200X (200Wh) REVIEW- Your Own Independent Portable Power Station

Faced with random power outages, or you want to power an outdoor activity or go camping in wild forests, the GOAL ZERO YETI 200X (200Wh) is the ideal solution. The portable power station is compact enough to take with you. But we have to look at how well does it really work? I recently had an opportunity to test this portable power station when I bought one around November 2022.

Overview of Features for GOAL ZERO YETI 200X

With a 200Wh battery capacity, the GOAL ZERO YETI 200X (200Wh) is designed to power a variety of small appliances. The product can power up to 95 percent of small appliances that include lights, cellphones, laptops, cameras, and other various personal equipment. This small battery station is designed to keep appliances running in the event of an outage, help you with lights while camping, and can even charge your phone/tablet/laptop when needed.

Picture taken from my kitchen showing GOAL ZERO YETI 200X (200Wh) chARGING MY LAPTOP AND CELLPHONE AT THE SAME TIME

More Features

  • Fast-Charging USB-C Power Delivery Port
  • Fast Solar Charging (Integrated MPPT)
  • Weight: 2,27 kg
  • 187 Watt-Hour Lithium Battery
  • 230 Watt AC Inverter
  • 200 Watt Surge

How it works

A single charge can:

  • Recharge your Phones ((12 Wh) around 16 times
  • Recharge your Tablets (30Wh) 6 times
  • Recharge your Laptops (50Wh) around 4 times
  • It can power LAL 350 Lights (4.5W) for 42 hours
  • Recharge your DSLR Camera for (18Wh) 11 times
  • Recharge your POV Camera (5Wh) 38 times

Ways of Charging the YETI 200X

There are three ways of charging the GOAL ZERO YETI 200X, which are given below.

  • Using a solar panel – this involves a compatible solar panel that can be purchased separately. Bigger compatible solar panels will mean faster charging.
  • Plugging it into the electrical wall – it will take about 4 hours to fully recharge it using the 60W power supply it comes with. There is an option to buy the 120W power supply and have the charging time of 2 hours.
  • Plugging the device into a vehicle’s 12V outlet. For this you have to purchase or have a 12 car charging cable which can be obtained from the same company. I haven’t tried this but I guess it works.

Important Tech Specifications (See Picture Below)

PICTURE SHOWING Important Tech Specifications OF THE GOAL ZERO YETI 200X (200Wh)


Lightweight/Compact: The Yeti 200X Power Station delivers high-quality lithium power you can rely on, housed in an ultra-portable design made to take anywhere. I have enjoyed this compact and lightweight feature of this product.

High Speed Charging: Equipped with the latest charging technology, including a high-speed Power Delivery port able to charge USB-C laptops, tablets, mirrorless cameras, and phones in a fraction of the time.

Solar Ready: The Portable Power Station can also be charged from the sun with portable solar panels. This is a great advantage considering that you can do this whilst you are away from the grid. You can even save energy when you are at home by keeping it topped off from a wall outlet (electrical).

Good for Short Journeys/Exercusion: If you are someone who is outgoing, I guarantee you that you will have the perfect amount of backup power to keep your essentail devices active.

It Is Both A Battery And An Inverter: The product is very unique in the context that it is both a Battery and an inverter. In most cases, these features are separated but not in the case of the GOAL ZERO YETI 200X (200Wh) which is made up of a 230 Watt AC Inverter and 187 Watt-Hour Lithium Battery. Thus when you purchase this product there is no need to worry about how to size the other components to make the system complete.


Noise: If you are someone who doesn’t like noise then I am sorry. You will just have to get used to the irritating sounds that come out when you are sourcing power especially when you are charging laptops. Perhaps the sound comes when the battery energy is low?

Only Capable of Charging Small Equipment: Sometimes you may feel like powering your other electrical equipment such as your borehole water pump, iron or even refridgerator in the event of an emergency. The GOAL ZERO YETI 200X is not suitable for this. This is due to power cap and limited battery energy.

Power Adapter Gets Extremely Hot When Charging: If you have little kids, when recharging make sure you keep the GOAL ZERO YETI 200X away from their reach.


Keep yourself plugged!

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