IsDB SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS FOR 2023-2024 (Undergraduate, Master, PhD, Postdoc)

Welcome to Islamic Development Bank Scholarship Programme for The Academic Year 2023-2024. IsDB Scholarship Applications for 2023-2024

Please note that the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) does not charge any fees at any stage of the scholarship process. Never disclose or send money to any entity or person in relation to your application.

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To apply for IsDB Scholarship Programmes (2023 – 2024), please click here

I. Introduction

Mindful of the importance of qualified human resources for social advancement and sustainable development, the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) has been very keen from the outset of its establishment to focus on human capital development alongside its mainstream development financing activities.

In recognition of the vital need to develop the human resources of the Muslim communities in non-Member Countries (non-MCs), IsDB launched its undergraduate scholarship programme (SP) in 1983 under the title Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities (SPMC).

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Capitalizing on the experience of a decade of the SPMC, IsDB decided to establish the Merit Scholarship Programme (MSP) for Ph.D. studies and post-doctoral research in applied science and high technology to strengthen the scientific, technological and research capabilities of institutions in Member Countries (MCs), which was launched in 1992.  

Later, the Master of Science Scholarship Programme (M.Sc.)  was launched in 1998 as a feeding programme for the MSP, realizing that 20 of the Least Developed Member Countries (LDMCs) could not benefit from the latter.  

In IsDB’s Realigned Strategy 2023 – 2025, the Bank dedicated an entire pillar to the support of comprehensive and inclusive human capital development. 

Through this pillar, IsDB aims to help MCs and Muslim communities in non-MCs to address these challenges with capacity-development initiatives, including scholarship programmes.

It is also an important component of IsDB’s efforts to promote economic development and shared prosperity through the global development of human capital by investing in education.

Currently, there are four programmes offered by IsDB: IsDB Scholarship Applications for 2023-2024

1.  IsDB Scholarship Programme for Muslim Communities in Non-Member Countries (SPMC)

The SPMC was launched in 1983 to enable academically meritorious and financially impoverished young Muslim students from Muslim communities in non-MCs to undertake undergraduate studies in medicine, engineering, computer sciences, information technology, agriculture, and other related fields in their own countries or the IsDB MCs.

2.  IsDB Master of Science  Scholarship Programme (M.Sc.)

The M.Sc. Scholarship Programme was launched in 1998 to assist 20 IsDB LDMCs in the development of their human capital, especially in science and technology, which are both relevant and necessary for their development.

3.  IsDB Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology (MSP)

The implementation of the Merit Scholarship Programme commenced in 1992. The programme is dedicated to advanced studies and/or research (3-year Ph.D. and 6-12-month post-Doctorate) in 16 applied science and high technology areas deemed necessary for the development of the MCs.

4.  IsDB-ISFD Scholarship Programme

The IsDB-ISFD Programme was launched in 2019 by IsDB and the Islamic Solidarity Fund for Development (ISFD), with the specific aim of reducing poverty in 21 Least Developed IsDB Member Countries (LDMCs).

The programme provides educational opportunities for academically meritorious and financially impoverished young men and women from 21 LDMCs to pursue bachelor studies in medicine, engineering, agriculture and other related fields or a technical diploma at a public institute in their home countries or in other IsDB member countries

Guidance & Counselling Activities: IsDB Scholarship Applications for 2023-2024

IsDB graduates are the key to deliver the impact of socioeconomic development programmes in their countries.

Therefore, IsDB felt the need to motivate students to fulfil the IsDB dream of not only producing successful graduates but also developing them as good citizens and competent professionals capable of achieving IsDB’s corporate objectives regarding the development of their communities and countries.

25 Potential PhD Viva Questions – to help you prepare for yours

As a result, IsDB initiated a support programme called “Guidance and Counselling Activities” for students involving the appointment of honorary counsellors to support and guide students, organize annual seminars for group learning to support the students’ personal development, which includes mentorship and learning meetings, educational development seminars and tutoring during vacation.

For programmes details: IsDB Scholarship Applications for 2023-2024

II.  Schedule of Activities

The programmes are formally announced every year in February for the September student intake. The following schedule is drawn on the basis of academic calendars of universities and institutions around the world where IsDB students will study.:

III.      Administration of the Programmes

The programmes are managed by the Special Assistance Division (SpAD) under the supervision and guidance of an Internal Executive Committee (IEC) composed of members of the IsDB Senior Management and chaired by the IsDB Vice President, Operations. The SpAD facilitates the applications, selection process and placement of students.

It also undertakes all matters related to the administration and financial support of the students while they are studying and monitors their academic performance to ensure timely completion of their studies. 

Applications for SPMC, M.Sc. and IsDB-ISFD programmes are reviewed by the IEC to identify candidates with the highest potential for final approval by the Chairman.

Applications for MSP are submitted for a second phase of review by a panel of eminent scientists to ascertain the scientific and development relevance of the field of study and to assess the overall qualifications of the applicants.

Recommendation of candidates for final selection is made by the IEC and given final approval by the Chairman of the IEC.

For further information, please write to [email protected].





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