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KYA-ENERGY GROUP – Championing access to sustainable energy in Africa


KYA-ENERGY GROUP is a Togolese company internationally oriented in renewable energies (solar energy in particular) and energy efficiency. Created in 2015 by Professor Yao K. AZOUMAH, KYA-Energy Group vision is to democratize access to sustainable energy in Africa.

As a founder of KYA-ENERGY Group, Professor AZOUMAH is a passionate about Africa’s development; a development that he foresees by betting above all on the promotion and extension of solar energy.

Every day, the company works to transform in an innovative way, renewable energy resources to produce clean, reliable and affordable energy for all to meet not only the challenges of electrification in African countries, but also Sustainable Development Goals through the development of off-grid solar systems for domestic and productive applications.

These commitments enables the company to be selected for several call for tenders in Togo and the sub-region and win several distinctions and awards.

Key Achievements for KYA-ENERGY GROUP

KYA-ENERGY GROUP strongly believes in innovation, and in this journey they have done a number of successful projects and innovation. More so the Togolese company has been awarded with numerous accolades in the solar and innovation sector.

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KYA-ENERGY GROUP’s successes are mainly based on the design of compact, autonomous, hybrid, mobile, modular and multiservice solar power systems (KYA-SoP) to meet the expectations of local populations.

In addition, KYA-ENERGY GROUP has developed a new solar PV systems sizing software (KYA-SolDesign) which enables design of affordable and reliable off-grid PV systems. This is also the first PV sizing software developed in Africa which is under commercialization. An achievement which KYA-ENERGY GROUP is proud of.

The success for KYA-ENERGY GROUP is also linked to the fact that the company has developed a smart energy management module (KYA-FlexyControl) that enable to optimize the consumption of loads according to the solar electricity production, by the prioritization approach.


KYA-ENERGY GROUP’s main realizations include:

  • Solar academy project: training of 3,000 technicians for rural areas in the five administrative regions of Togo (2018-2019)
  • Installation of 20kWp off-grid solar systems, in Mali, for 8 villages (2017-2020).
  • Retrofit and fixing of 6,000 solar street lights in Togo (2019-2022)
  • Installation of 5 kWp off-grid solar systems (KYA-SoP) at each of 20 rural health centers 2020-2021, USAID grant (Power Africa)
  • Installation of 20kWp off-grid solar systems (KYA-SoP) at 8 military sites at the northern region of Togo (2022),
  • Being office control for the construction of a 50MW solar power plant in Blitta, Togo (2021).
  • The Installation of 50 kW ongrid solar system for Agou Hospital, Togo; (2019)
  • Ongoing solarization of 314 rural health centers funded by African Development Bank (2,5 kWp off-grid solar systems, KYA-SoP, per center) (2022-2023)

KYA-ENERGY GROUP’s main distinctions/awards include:

  • In November 2018, KYA-ENERGY Group received from West African Development Bank the distinction of the best designer of an “Innovative Project in the field of renewable energies” in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU).
  • In 2020, the Togolese award of the leading company for the energetic transition at Renewable Energy Forum
  • In 2021, KYA-ENERGY Group won the USAID call for projects of rural health centers solarization (only 9 companies were selected in Africa);
  • In 2022, KYA-ENERGY Group received the international energy innovation palm award and was among the 100 best companies in Togo (all categories included).

Why Solar Energy – KYA-ENERGY GROUP

With around 3,000 hours per year Africa holds a total of more than 40% of the world’s solar potential; a reservoir which is able to make it the leading continent in matter of solar energy production.

However, the continent still faces serious issues of access to energy. Therefore, KYA-Energy Group stands as a solution to the challenges of electrification in Africa.


Challenges in the Solar Sector and How KYA-ENERGY GROUP Solves them

Besides all these successes listed above, KYA-Energy Group’s main challenge is the economic affordability of solar products.

Consequently, to KYA-Energy Group’s vision, they are still working for the democratization of solar Energy in Togo and in Africa by making accessible their KYA-SolarPacks (KYA-SoP) to the population through partnerships with financial institutions and international organizations.

KYA-Energy Group’s perspective is to reach a large scale of production of their KYA-SoP that they can lower the cost and make it more accessible to the population. Furthermore, there is still work to do to raise public awareness about energy efficiency issues and the importance of adopting solar energy.

Future Plans for KYA-ENERGY GROUP

KYA-Energy Group’s ambition is to become in 5 years one of the major actors in the solar Industry in Africa, being among the Top 10 with a clear ambition to cover the whole continent with our solar products.

Today KYA-Energy Group is upgrading their team (in quality and in quantity) while strengthening their production capacities to face the demands of the African market.

New products such solar inverters are under design and this would help KYA-Energy Group to handle more than 50% of the solar systems components that they are offering to the populations.

KYA-Energy Group is also into a quality approach to obtain certifications to enable the company to open fully to the international market.

Key Message from Professor Yao K. AZOUMAH – Founder and CEO, KYA-Energy Group

For all other visionaries looking to venture or invest in Africa, I would like to tell them not to hesitate to invest in similar projects. Africa is a wonderful continent with tremendous opportunities, and it is high time we exploit these opportunities for the development of our continent.

At KYA-Energy Group, we are “moving beyond the sky” because there is no where in the world we can have the opportunities we currently have in Africa to develop better and innovative solar solutions.

Professor Yao K. AZOUMAH – Founder and CEO, KYA-Energy Group

You can have more information about KYA-ENERGY GROUP on their website:





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