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In this world we live anyone can say anything and can convince his surrounding people on a particular myth or fact. The same happens in solar energy and that is why there is need to clear the myths and facts on solar energy.

There are myths or wrong things which are believed by many on solar energy. But yet there are facts or true things which still need to be known even by those that believe in myths on solar energy.

Perhaps someone has to tell the facts against the myths or vice versa for it to be clear.

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Have you been told a statement on solar energy but you are not sure if it is a fact or rather a myth? Today we are here to make this clear and simplify this for many people out there.

Some myths on solar systems contribute to the growth of fake solar products because people are misinformed.

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Let’s Get Started with the Myths and Facts on Solar Energy

Myth 1: Solar panels do not work in cold or cloudy weather

FACT 1: Solar panels are made to operate effectively in cloudy and even cold weather. It’s only that the output will be reduced when there is less solar radiation on a cloudy day.

The most recent technology used in solar panels allow them to function more effectively and profitably in cooler and cloudier conditions than in hotter ones.

Myth 2: Solar energy is not reliable.

FACT 2: One of the most common myths on solar energy. Solar energy is very reliable and can provide electricity for long periods of time, even in the face of moderate levels of intermittent solar radiation.

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Of recent solar technologies like photovoltaic cells, energy storage systems and solar thermal collectors are becoming increasingly reliable and efficient, meaning that they can generate more power with less exposure to the sun.

Myth 3: Solar energy is expensive.

FACT 3: Globally, prices of solar energy are rapidly dropping. Cost-effective solar technologies are becoming more widespread, and the cost of solar energy is projected to continue dropping in the coming years.

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Myth 4: Solar energy can only be used to provide electricity.

FACT 4: Solar energy can also be used to provide heat or hot water, or it can be used to produce synthetic fuels. Many solar powered aircraft are now being used to generate electric power during flight, and solar thermal collectors can be used to generate electricity, heat, or cooling.

Myth 5: Solar can only work during the daylight

FACT 5: Actually with a good battery storage system you can perfectly use solar energy during the night while being able to recharge the batteries during the day.


Myth 6: Solar panels reduce the value of a house if you later want to sell it

FACT 6: Another mere myth. Actually having solar energy adds value to your house and this can be easily recognized when you choose to sell the house later.

If for letting, you are likely to be able to charge more comfortably on a property that has a solar backup power source than the one without. Basically a solar system on your roof will actually improve the value of your property.


Myth 7: Excess power can be saved in batteries

FACT 7: If your solar system is attached to the power grid then you would get the advantage of a net metering system without worrying about excess power storage, and your excess power can be fed into the grid and you can benefit from this.

However, if your system is not grid tied and you cannot feed into the grid then there is nothing you can do with excess power. You might just try to connect more loads during the daylight to use part of this excess power during the day.




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