SolarEyes International Contributors

Below is the list of Contributors for SolarEyes International.

Contributor Full NameContributor’s BioContributor’s Email
Blanchard Bosey IyoloBosey Iyolo Blanchard, militant écologiste qui croit que “non seulement notre lieu d’habitation est menacé mais aussi l’espece humaine est en danger”. Specialiste en aménagement des écosystèmes et conservation de la biodiversité, possedant une expertise en resiliance climatique, actuellement contributeur chez SolarEyes International.[email protected]
Shqipe AsaniShqipe has a Bachelor’s degree in Power Engineering and comes from North Macedonia. Shqipe is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome and has interests in renewables topics and inclusion of the youth to energy transition.[email protected]
Nongcebo ButheleziI’m Nongcebo Buthelezi, an advocate for Africa’s advancement in Human Rights, Journalism, and Politics. Through SolarEyes, I merge these passions to amplify voices of the underrepresented and inspire others to make a positive impact through solar energy and sustainable development. Let’s use our voices for good![email protected]
Zulykhat Bukola WasiuZulykhat has a background in chemical Engineering. She is academically inclined with excellent interpersonal, and communication skills, and the ability to multitask as well as easy adaptability. Zulykhat is deeply interested in using research to advance the deployment of renewable energy at the community level. Passionate about sustainability & humanity.[email protected]
CEO and Founder of 350 Côte d’Ivoire – Consultant ESG/RSE – Ocean Expert of UNESCO/IOC Project Office for IODE, IVLP 2018 alumni (Sustainable Growth and Renewable Energy – US), Certified Climate Educator of Climate Action Academy – COP27 observer party and Island Innovation Ambassador 2023 representing Côte d’Ivoire.
[email protected]

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