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The Brightest Stars: Top 10 Solar Companies in Cameroon

Solar Companies in Cameroon

As the world embraces renewable energy sources, solar power has emerged as a game-changer in the quest for sustainable solutions. In Cameroon, an African country blessed with abundant sunshine throughout the year, solar energy is rapidly gaining momentum.

With an increasing number of companies harnessing this clean and efficient source of power, we present to you the top 10 solar companies in Cameroon.

Best Solar Companies in Cameroon

Below is the list of top 10 solar companies in Cameroon. The list ranges from companies focusing on small solar system and all the way to those focusing on big solar deployments such as commercial and industrial solutions. See the list below.

1. upOwa Cameroun

upOwa Cameroun is a leading solar company that focuses on providing affordable and reliable electricity to rural communities. Their innovative pay-as-you-go model allows customers to access solar energy through small monthly payments, making it accessible to even those with limited financial means.

upOwa has notably emerged as one of the most successful solar home system companies in Central Africa and French speaking Africa. Notable brands pushed by upOwa include Sun King.

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upOwa offices are situated atQuartier Bastos, Yaoundé, Cameroun.

2. Solkamtech SARL

Solkamtech SARL specializes in designing and installing customized solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial clients. With their expertise in off-grid systems and minigrid installations, they have become a trusted name in the industry.

The company is now focusing on the deployment of minigrids and PAYGO solar home systems in the Northern Provinces of Cameroon. One of the key brand distributed by Solkamtech is Solarworx. Some notable projects executed by this company include the USAID/Power Africa grant scheme.

3. Bercotech SARL

Bercotech SARL is committed to delivering high-quality solar products and services across Cameroon. They offer a wide range of solutions including solar panels, batteries, inverters, and complete off-grid systems tailored to meet individual energy needs.

A major part of Bercotech’s product offer includes solar kit and solar street light solutions. These products are meant to cover the rural, peri-urban and urban customers.

Bercotech is situated in ESSOS, Avenue Germaine Ahidjo, Yaoundé-Cameroon.

4. Renewable Energy Innovators Cameroon (REIC)

REIC is dedicated to promoting renewable energy adoption in Cameroon through innovative projects and partnerships. They provide turnkey solutions for both on-grid and off-grid applications while focusing on community empowerment and environmental sustainability.

REIC offer their solar solutions as energy-as-a-services (EaaS) or out-right purchase. Typical projects that have been done by REIC include residential solar solutions and some commercial projects in Cameroon.

Renewable Energy Innovators Cameroon (REIC)’s offices are in Mvan, Yaounde, Cameroon.

5. CFAO Cameroun

CFAO Cameroun has established itself as a key player in the solar industry by offering reliable products from renowned international brands. Their comprehensive range includes photovoltaic modules, inverters, batteries, mounting structures, and other accessories required for efficient solar installations.

Notable high quality brands pushed by CFAO Cameroun’s solar department include Schneider Electric. CFAO’s Douala premise which is along Boulevard du Général Leclerc is powered by a roof top solar system of approximately 300kWp with Schneider Electric inverters showing the organisation’s strong passion for solar energy.

6. African Solar Generation (ASG)

ASG specializes in large-scale solar projects for commercial and industrial clients. With their expertise in engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), they have successfully implemented numerous solar installations across Cameroon, contributing to the country’s energy transition.

ASG prides themselves as a Swiss-Cameroonian solar company. ASG’s goal is to install high quality solar material, imported mainly from Europe. Their offices are situated at 1819, Charles Bindzi Main Street-Dragage, Yaounde, near UNESCO Cameroon headquaters.

7. CMI Cameroun

CMI Cameroun provides integrated solar solutions tailored to meet the specific requirements of their clients. The company focusses more on plug and play solar solutions and solar kits to cater for their market segment.

CMI Cameroun has shop outlets in Douala and Yaounde selling electrical and solar products giving them a big advantage of being close to their customers through these shop outlets. Notable brands distributed by CMI Cameroun include Schneider Electric’s access to energy products.


TOTALENERGIES CAMEROUN is a global energy company that has made significant investments in renewable energy projects in Cameroon. Their expertise in solar power generation combined with their commitment to sustainability makes them a prominent player in the market.

It has been a bit easier for a company like TotalEnergies to venture into renewable and solar energy products due to their global presence. This has been witnessed in Cameroon where TotalEnergies has distributed solar products and has embarked on solar projects in the country.

9. EDF Cameroun

EDF Cameroun is part of the renowned French electric utility company EDF Group. With a focus on renewable energies, they have been actively involved in developing solar power projects across Cameroon, contributing to the country’s clean energy goals.

It is interesting to note that EDF Group has key interests in renewable energy and has been investing in a number of renewable energy companies globally for the past few years. EDF Cameroun has offices are in Yaoundé.

10. Groupe Arno

Groupe Arno offers comprehensive solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Their wide range of products includes high-quality panels, inverters, batteries, and complete off-grid systems designed to maximize efficiency and reduce carbon footprint.

Grope Arno prides themselves as a family of entrepreneurs built over 4 generations. They offer solar power solutions as well as turnkey solutions of mixed energy. Groupe Arno offices are situated at the Naval Base Avenue, Port Area, Bonanjo, Douala.


The top 10 solar companies in Cameroon are leading the charge towards a sustainable future by harnessing the abundant sunlight available in the country. Through innovative technologies, customized solutions, and community-focused initiatives, these companies are transforming lives while reducing dependence on traditional sources of energy.

Whether it’s providing affordable electricity to rural communities or implementing large-scale solar projects for industries, these companies are paving the way for a greener tomorrow in Cameroon. As more businesses and individuals embrace solar power as a viable alternative, these companies will continue to play a crucial role in shaping Cameroon’s renewable energy landscape.



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