ESKOM is Looking for Energy Experts in South Africa, entry level, experienced level and internships

ESKOM is Looking for Energy Experts in South Africa, entry level, experienced level and internships


Eskom transforms inputs from the natural environment – coal, nuclear, fuel, diesel, water, and wind – into more than 90% of the energy supplied to a wide range of customers in South Africa and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region.

To balance electricity supply and demand in real time, the System Operator (soon to be the Independent Transmission and System Market Operator, ITSMO, as the Transmission business continues to legally separate) must maintain the frequency of the power system at 50Hz.

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Eskom is one of the few remaining vertically integrated utilities connected to the Southern African Power Pool (SAPP) through an interconnected grid, which serves to support grid stability. Eskom relies on SADC members to maintain sufficient and reliable transmission grids in their countries.

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The foundation of the business is the generation, transmission, distribution, and sale of electricity, supplemented with the construction of new power stations and network infrastructure.

The Gx, Tx, and Dx Divisions rely on support in the form of finance, human resources, procurement, information technology, telecommunications, strategy, risk and sustainability, legal and compliance, and stakeholder relations.

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In support of the electricity business, Eskom Rotek Industries (a subsidiary) performs turbine and transformer repairs and provides specialised construction and transport services.

As a state-owned entity, Eskom must implement government policy and strategy. The Shareholder’s Strategic Intent Statement (SIS) outlines government’s short-to-medium-term and long-term objectives for Eskom to achieve.

Eskom has adopted these SIS objectives to ensure that Eskom remains a critical and strategic contributor to government’s goal of ensuring security of electricity supply to the country, and enabling economic growth and prosperity.

Eskom Holdings SOC Ltd has the Government of the Republic of South Africa as its sole shareholder, with the shareholder representative being the Minister of Public Enterprises. As a public entity, it is governed by the provisions of the Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 (PFMA).

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The PFMA requires a company to conclude a shareholder compact with the shareholder representative. The shareholder compact has to contain shareholder expectations in the form of predetermined objectives and key performance indicators and ensures alignment between the Board and the shareholder representative.

In addition, the PFMA requires that a company submit a strategic corporate plan to the shareholder on an annual basis, setting out its strategic objectives, with plans and targets to achieve those objectives.

ESKOM is Looking for Energy Experts in South Africa, entry level, experienced level and internships

Senior-Clerk-Support-Services-(Distribution)-Lephalale: Maintenance & Operations2023/10/04South Africa (Limpopo)LLP55L

Re-Advert-Engineering-Prof-Electrical(Distribution)Kuruman: Maintenance & Operations2023/09/29South Africa (Northern Cape)GM NC KM13/6WM – 13

Snr-Engineer-Prof-Engineering-Support-(Distribution)-NC: Protection Coordination and Configuration2023/10/02South Africa (Northern Cape)50815467KPM

Senior-Advisor-Legal-x4,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50821577DM

Senior-Advisor-Secretariat,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50821617DM

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Re-Advert-Manager-Revenue-and-Credit-(Distribution)-Bloemfontein: Finance – Revenue Management – Revenue and Credit Management2023/10/02South Africa (Free State)MMFS01MR&C

Senior-Advisor-Regulatory,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50821618DM

Secretary-Secretarial-(Distribution)-Edgemead: Retail Marketing2023/10/02South Africa (Western Cape)ZM 21/2023

Middle-Manager-Compliance,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park-: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50821580DM

Officer-Economic-Regulatory,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park-: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50821583DM

Chief-Advisor-Legal,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50748970DM

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Officer-Compliance,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50821582DM

Engineer-Prof-Engineering-AUX-X3-(Civil,-Chemical,-Mechanical)-Gx-Kusile-Power-Station: Auxiliary Engineering2023/10/03South Africa (Mpumalanga)KSLAUX50416731

Middle-Manager-Licensing,-Transmission,-Gauteng-Megawatt-Park: Office of the Group Executive2023/10/06South Africa (Gauteng)50822280DM

Senior-Technician-Engineering-Survey-(Distribution)-Mmabatho: Asset Creation – Land Development and Environment2023/09/29South Africa (North West)PMNW-50682743

Re-Advert-Senior-Clerk-General-Administration-MEW-Thohoyandou: Maintenance and Operations2023/09/29South Africa (Limpopo)LOULLP52 -Readvert2

Re-Advert-Technical-Official-Major-Engineering-Work-(DX)-MEW-Tzaneen: Maintenance and Operations2023/09/29South Africa (Limpopo)LOULLP53 – Readvert1

ReAdvert-Middle-Manager-Procurement-(Distribution)-Rosherville: Commercial2023/09/29South Africa (Gauteng)PRMTM17EXT

Remote IRENA Consultant – Distributed PV Policies – USD$60,000

Officer-Procurement-(GROUP-FINANCE)-Kusile-Station-Project-Mpumalanga: Procurement and Supply Chain Management2023/10/04South Africa (Mpumalanga)49947850BT

Snr-Clerk-Support-Services-(Distribution)-Elliotdale-and-Mthatha-South-CNC: Maintenance & Operations2023/09/29South Africa (Eastern Cape)CCCECTG11

AND MANY MORE……………………………………………………..




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