GIZ is Hiring for 87 Positions in Different Locations and Countries – APPLY NOW!

GIZ is Hiring for 87 Positions in Different Locations and Countries – APPLY NOW!

Are you interested in a career with GIZ? If so, this is your post, check career opportunities currently available with GIZ in the list below and apply before the deadline. Good luck!

About GIZ

GIZ’s work is centered on sustainable development for a future worth living

As a service provider for international cooperation for sustainable development and international educational work, we are committed to a future worth living around the world.

have more than 50 years of experience in a wide range of fields, from economic and employment promotion to energy and environmental issues to the promotion of peace and security.

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The diverse know-how of the federal company GIZ is in demand around the world – by the German Federal Government, institutions of the European Union, the United Nations, the private sector and governments of other countries.

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We cooperate with companies, civil society actors and scientific institutions and thus contribute to a successful interaction between development policy and other fields of politics and action. Sustainability is the guiding principle of our actions. Our main client is the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

All clients and cooperation partners place their trust in GIZ to work with them to develop, plan and implement ideas for political, social and economic changes. As a non-profit federal company involved in international cooperation for sustainable development, we stand for German and European values.

Together with our partners in national governments worldwide and with cooperation partners from business, science and civil society, we work flexibly on effective solutions that offer people prospects and permanently improve their living conditions.

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Sustainable development worldwide. GIZ is based in Bonn and Eschborn. Our business volume in 2021 was around 3.7 billion euros. Of the 25,422 employees who work for sustainable development in around 120 countries, almost 70 percent work as national employees on site.

As a recognized provider of the development service, we are currently sending 353 development workers.

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In addition, the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM), a joint venture between GIZ and the Federal Employment Agency, placed 143 integrated and 257 returning experts with local employers in the countries of assignment in 2022 or supported them financially or with advice and services.

Setting sustainable development in motion – that’s what we do every day together with our local partners. We also implement it in our own company: in dealing with the environment and in working with our employees. Because their commitment, their expertise and experience are the key to the best performance and quality. 

They make GIZ a sought-after partner in international cooperation. At GIZ, corporate sustainability is the responsibility of the Spokesperson of the Management Board and is anchored in our mission statement and in rules and standards for our employees and managers. It is about social responsibility, ecological balance, political participation and economic performance.

In addition to meeting all legal requirements, we enter into voluntary national and international commitments and disclose how we meet these commitments. In this way, we emphasize our claim to sustainable corporate management.

GIZ is Hiring for 87 Positions in Different Locations and Countries – APPLY NOW!

Job TitleLocationFieldApplication Deadline
Vertragssachbearbeiter*in für die Beschaffung von DienstleistungenEschbornProcurement and Contract Management2/29/24
Junior-Vertragsmanager*in IT-BeschaffungEschbornProcurement and Contract Management11/14/23
Praktikant*in Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Wissensmanagement und Veranstaltungsmanagement für das „Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao e.V.“EschbornTrainees11/7/23
Praktikant*in in der Unternehmenskommunikation / Team KommunikationsstrategieEschbornTrainees11/7/23
Praktikant*in im Bereich BildungBonnTrainees11/7/23
Berater*in im Vorhaben “Unterstützung der Berufsbildungsreform in Côte d’Ivoire”AbidjanEconomic Development11/7/23
Expert in Crisis Management – Countering Hybrid Threats (m/f/d): Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with AsiaBerlinPeace, Security and Emergency11/20/23
(Junior-) Vertragsmanager*in für die Beschaffung von DienstleistungenEschbornProcurement and Contract Management2/29/24
Fachkraft für den Zivilen Friedensdienst (ZFD) für Projektmonitoring und Evaluierung zum Thema MenschenrechteGuatemala StadtGovernance11/22/23
Praktikant*in (m/w/d) für die Strategische Vorausschau in der Stabsstelle “Unternehmensentwicklung”EschbornTrainees12/1/23

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GIZ is Hiring for 87 Positions in Different Locations and Countries – APPLY NOW!

Job titleLocationFieldApplication Deadline
Praktikant*in im Programm Nachhaltige Agrarlieferketten und Standards / Monitoring und Themenarbeit für das „Forum Nachhaltiger Kakao e.V.“BonnTrainees11/7/23
Praktikant*in für Politikberatung zu Unternehmerischer Verantwortung für nachhaltige LieferkettenEschbornTrainees11/7/23
Praktikant*in Sektorvorhaben Internationale WaldpolitikEschbornTrainees11/7/23
Office-Manager*in der Abteilung Westbalkan, Zentralasien und OsteuropaEschbornAdministration, Office-Management, Translation10/30/23
Sachbearbeiter*in Verträge und Finanzen im Fonds Förderung Internationale AgrarforschungBonn
Administration, Office-Management, Translation11/13/23
Junior Project Manager (m/f/d) – Support to border management institution (MRCC) in TunisiaEschbornPeace, Security and Emergency11/3/23
Senior-Project manager (m/f/d) “Strengthening key actors in the fight against sexualised and gender-based violence” in eastern DR CongoBukavuGovernance11/19/23
Berater*in für die Projektentwicklung für Erneuerbare Energien “Ostafrika”BonnCountry-, Portfolio- and Project Managers10/27/23
Advisor (m/f/d) „Strengthening Public Financial and Economic Management (PFEM)“ in MalawiLilongweGovernance11/12/23
Personalsachbearbeiter*in in der Gruppe Krise, Recht und SonderthemenEschbornHuman Relations11/16/23

GIZ is Hiring for 87 Positions in Different Locations and Countries – APPLY NOW!

Climate Action Senior Manager (Net Zero Policy & Strategy) – Unilever, UK, £79,000 per annum

Job titleLocationFieldApplication Deadline
Praktikant*in MeeresschutzBonnTrainees11/2/23
Praktikant*in in den Globalvorhaben Unterstützung von SDG-Review und Implementierungsprozessen (SDG-RI) sowie Green Economy Transformation (GET)BonnTrainees11/2/23
Praktikant*in im Bereich: Anpassung an den Klimawandel / Verluste und SchädenBonnTrainees11/2/23
Praktikant*in im Vorhaben Plattform für Multi-Akteurs-Partnerschaften (MAP) zur Umsetzung der Agenda 2030BonnTrainees11/5/23
Berater*in im Projekt zur Innovationsförderung in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft mit Schwerpunkt AgrarfinanzierungBonnClimate Change, Environment11/1/23
Spezialist*in SAP BasisadministrationBonn
ICT and Digitalisation11/19/23
Praktikant*in im Vorhaben Unterstützung Guter Regierungsführung in JemenEschbornTrainees11/1/23
SAP-Berater*in (inhouse) mit Spezialisierung SAP HCMEschbornICT and Digitalisation11/7/23
Expert in Counterterrorism and Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism for South Asia and East Asia (m/f/d): Enhancing Security Cooperation in and with AsiaBerlinPeace, Security and Emergency11/14/23
Spezialist*in SAP-SicherheitsmanagementBonn
ICT and Digitalisation11/19/23

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Job titleLocationFieldApplication Deadline
Praktikant*in für drei Vorhaben im Bereich ErnährungssicherungEschbornTrainees10/31/23
Sachbearbeiter*in mit anteiligen Aufgaben im Office Management “Umweltpolitik, Biodiversität, Wald“BonnAdministration, Office-Management, Translation11/14/23
Praktikant*in im Regionalbereich Europa, Mittelmeer, Zentralasien (EMZ)EschbornTrainees10/31/23
Advisor (m/f/d) on Financing Social ProtectionBonnSocial Sectors11/5/23
Praktikant*in für Kommunikation und Projektmanagement im Programm Globale Energiewende & in der Gruppe “Wasser, Energie und Verkehr”BonnTrainees10/30/23
Praktikant*in für Meeresmüllvermeidung und Digitalisierung im Themenfeld Circular EconomyEschbornTrainees10/30/23
Intern (m/f/d) in the field of trainings PtX/ green hydrogenBonnTrainees10/30/23
Advisor (m/f/d) Data Economy for Innovative Regulatory ApproachesBonnICT and Digitalisation11/6/23
Praktikant*in Kommunikation im Globalvorhaben Internationale DigitaldialogeBonn
Intern (m/f/d) “Partnering for Readiness” on the topic of climate financeBonnTrainees10/30/23


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