Kenya and Senegal to join the IEA

Kenya and Senegal to join the International Energy Agency(IEA)

The Governing Board of the International Energy Agency has unanimously agreed that the Republic of Kenya and the Republic of Senegal will join the IEA Family as Association countries, demonstrating the IEA’s deepening engagement across Africa on energy and climate issues.

Following requests from the governments of Kenya and Senegal to become Association countries, the IEA’s member countries unanimously approved on 21 June the proposal to strengthen ties with each country, which will bring the number of sub-Saharan African countries in the IEA Family to three, including South Africa. 

“Africa will play an increasingly important role in the world’s energy future, so I am delighted that the Governing Board has unanimously supported bringing Kenya and Senegal into the IEA Family, enabling us all to benefit from their perspectives and deepen cooperation on energy security, access and climate issues,” said IEA Governing Board Chair Anders Hoffmann.

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“The IEA is already working closely with both Kenya and Senegal on a range of key areas, and I’m extremely happy that we are further strengthening our ties,” said IEA Executive Director Fatih Birol. “Welcoming these two dynamic economies into the IEA Family is a new milestone in our longstanding engagement on energy issues in Africa and it underlines the global reach of our Agency. We look forward to even greater cooperation with Kenya and Senegal to work together as the new global energy economy emerges and to ensure a secure and sustainable future for citizens in Africa and around the world.”

“Kenya lauds joining the IEA Family and its admission as an Association country,” said Kenyan Minister of Energy and Petroleum Davis Chirchir. “We will seek to enhance our collaboration and experience, especially in geothermal development, off grid electrification, and access to clean cooking solutions. We have to collectively make the world a better place by focusing on clean energy transition in the near future.”

“I am delighted with IEA’s decision to welcome Senegal into the IEA Family as an Association country,” said Senegal’s Minister for Petroleum and Energy Sophie Aïssatou Gladima. “This demonstrates, if proof were needed, the relevance of the choices made by our country, which is aiming to achieve energy security, universal access and industrialisation while endeavouring to limit its environmental footprint. Together with the other countries, we will work to strengthen these areas for our country and the sub-region.”

Kenya is currently working with the IEA on a wide range of topics, including data and statistics capacity building, clean energy transition policies, energy efficiency policy implementation and energy access. The IEA is supporting Kenya as it prepares for the upcoming African Climate Action Summit taking place 4-6 September in Nairobi. Furthermore, Kenya will co-host the IEA’s 9th Annual Global Conference on Energy Efficiency next year.

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Senegal has worked closely with the IEA since a Memorandum of Understanding was signed in 2019 and renewed in October 2022. The IEA has provided input into the design of market reforms to enhance governance in the country’s energy sector, and an IEA peer review team visited Dakar in May 2023 to prepare an in-depth energy policy review.

The IEA’s Association framework allows the IEA to work closely and deepen cooperation with its partner countries, sharing analysis, data and best practices. Kenya and Senegal bring the number of IEA Association countries to 13. The framework was established in 2015 and other Association countries are Argentina, Brazil, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Morocco, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand and Ukraine.



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