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SOLAR FOR FESTIVE SEASON – 10 ways to spend the festive season with lights “ON”

The streets are all astir. Happiness fills every place. No mood for work. Travelling to distant and interesting places usually becomes the norm. And of course spending money is the business of the day. This is the festive season we all know!

With all the joy and activities that do come with festive season, perhaps it is good to think solar for festive season.

There are things that can be easily done for festive season and still win many goals if not souls. One of these things is investing in a solar system for festive season. Interestingly if done for yourself it would mean no hustle to think of power cuts or load shedding during the festive season.

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If done for others it would still mean putting a smile on someone’s face while serving our planet. Therefore one way or the other it might be good to think solar for festive season.

Are you thinking of what to give as a gift this festive season? Or has the above illustration motivated you to use solar for festive season? You are in the right direction. Let’s do it, as it is the right way.


Therefore choose your gift – the one that suits your needs or the needs of the recipient. It might be a solar power bank, a solar home system or a complete solar package to run a house. All these work as solar for festive season initiatives.

For solar companies – festive season might be a good time to show your sympathy for clean energy revolution by offering discounts and generous promotions. If done way it can mean more business through smaller margins but huge volumes through the solar for festive season campaign. Not only the business will benefit, but rather communities do benefit and the earth at large through negation of greenhouse gas emissions through the use of solar.

solar for Festive Season

Solar for festive season can be a good campaign in which many would likely participate as the idea solves a number of goals at once.

Ways of contributing to Solar for festive season initiative:

1. Solar for powering house appliances

You can get into the festive season in style by getting yourself a solar system for your house. A simple solar system can power key appliances for a house such as lighting, entertainment, fridge and other gadgets. Perhaps the best way to spend your festive season with lights on. If you are in load shedding plagued countries you won’t worry for power cuts as they will be a thing of the past.

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2. Solar for powering Christmas lights

One way or the other it can be argued that more than 60% of households will have Christmas lights during the Christmas period. Perhaps the simplest way is to buy solar powered Christmas lights or power those Christmas lights with solar.

3. Solar powered decorations

Decorations and festive season cannot be separated. When preparing decorations for Christmas you can do so by going green – using solar powered decorations and sounds. Usually these will be powered by a small battery for night usage. Solar powered Christmas trees are the common ones in shops. Just make sure to ask if it is solar powered before you buy. Solar powered pathway lights is another great way of using solar for festive season.

4. Solar for powering camping tools

If you are going for a camping during the festive season just make sure to use solar for your camping lights and other requirements to serve the planet.

5. Be an ambassador and stand out

You might not want or be able to buy a solar system yourself for the festive season but again you can participate differently. You can advocate and encourage your relatives, friends and community to go solar for festive season and with that you would have contributed largely to the solar for festive season campaign trail.

6. Donations

Donations sound good on festive season, maybe more better as solar for festive season donations. For example one can just identify a less privileged family to give a solar system as a gift for the festive season.

solar for festive season
Typical gifts for festive season: photo credit Chicken Inn

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7. Energy efficiency

Perhaps the cheapest form of energy is the one we did not use. There will be a lot of activities at home during the festive, and all this point to extensive usage of electricity at home. Therefore saving energy during the festive season can be one of the many intelligent ways to spend the season in style. Use LED lights rather than fluorescent or other high energy consuming lights. Use energy economically – this might mean always thinking through how any appliance might be used economically to save energy during the festive season.

8. Get a job in the solar sector

You might have been procrastinating to change your career into the solar energy sector but the festive season and new year can be a good sign to do so. Maybe that is why you have found this article – perhaps another sign to convince you that you still need to do so.

9. Start a solar company

As a new year resolution you can easily start your own solar company on festive season and this way you would have contributed to the solar for festive season initiative.

10. Doing more research to understand solar

There are numerous myths about solar energy just because people are reluctant to research or ask in order to know more about solar. You might choose to enhance your knowledge on solar this festive season and that will go a long way as a strong participation in solar for festive season. You can also choose to just ask an expert to tell you more about solar and how one can benefit from it. Or maybe take a short course on solar energy – that will go a long way in your skills ladder.


Benefits of having or using solar for festive season:

  1. Saving energy bills
  2. No power cuts
  3. Creation of green jobs
  4. Access to technology for rural folks
  5. Creation of green jobs by employing solar panel manufacturers, solar installers, etc, and in turn helps the economy
  6. Solar energy is applicable to many use cases
  7. Positive impact to the environment
  8. If done on a property it increases property value
  9. Solar system prices are falling down every day, therefore a bargain
  10. Reduce energy demand for a nation
  11. Contributes to energy independence
  12. Enables you to realize your return on investment unlike paying for utility bills

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