Start Your Career in Style by Applying to these Open Positions at Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Start Your Career in Style by Applying to these Open Positions at Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

About Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to serve World War II survivors in Europe. Since then, we have expanded in size to reach more than 130 million people in more than 100 countries on five continents.

For over 75 years, our mission has been to assist impoverished and disadvantaged people overseas, working in the spirit of Catholic social teaching to promote the sacredness of human life and the dignity of the human person.

Although our mission is rooted in the Catholic faith, our operations serve people based solely on need, regardless of their race, religion or ethnicity. Within the United States, CRS engages Catholics to live their faith in solidarity with the poor and suffering people of the world.

CRS is motivated by the example of Jesus Christ to ease suffering, provide development assistance, and foster charity and justice. We are committed to a set of Guiding Principles and hold ourselves accountable to each other for them.

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Watch what happens when little miracles touch the lives of the most vulnerable people around the world. Witness the lifesaving help and hope provided by Catholic Relief Services. Take a look at just how far your heart can reach.

As the official international humanitarian agency of the Catholic community in the United States, CRS is governed by a board of directors comprising clergy, most of them bishops elected by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, as well as religious and Catholic lay men and women.

CRS maintains strict standards of efficiency, accountability and transparency: 92% of our expenditures go directly to programs.

CRS’ commitment to Catholic teaching

Catholic Relief Services is a manifestation of love for our brothers and sisters around the globe by the Catholic community of the United States. We protect, defend and advance human life around the world by directly meeting basic needs and advocating solutions to injustice. CRS is a pro-life organization dedicated to preserving the sacredness and dignity of human life from conception to natural death. Every aspect of our work is to help life flourish. We are resolute in our commitment to the Church and its teaching.

As a part of the Universal Church, we work with local Catholic institutions around the world. As a Catholic agency that provides assistance to people in need in over 100 countries without regard to race, religion or nationality, we also participate in humanitarian initiatives undertaken by a range of groups, including governments, other faith communities and secular institutions.

Although some positions and practices of these institutions are not always consistent with the full range of Catholic teaching, CRS’ work with these institutions always focuses only on activities that are fully consistent with Catholic teachings.

CRS employs Catholics as well as non-Catholics. Membership in professional associations enables our staff to obtain information and technological advances that best prepare us to serve those in our care—and we do so in full accordance with Catholic teachings. Our staff members also belong to coalitions that extend the reach of services to poor people who often live in remote areas where CRS does not operate.

These coalitions give CRS a platform to present effective methods and procedures that demonstrate the efficacy of Catholic approaches to health and family planning. These are our opportunities to make space in the public sphere for the Catholic viewpoint and to witness to our faith.

CRS offers a vast range of exciting careers that provide an opportunity to make a profound difference in the lives of the poor and vulnerable overseas. We operate in more than 100 countries and have earned a strong reputation as leaders in humanitarian work. Our mission involves work to eradicate global poverty, respond to major emergencies and implement sustainable development solutions.

CRS assists people based on need, not creed, race or nationality. Wherever you work and regardless of your role, at CRS you will help create lasting change. We invite you to view our openings and explore a world of possibilities.

You will find yourself immersed in work that is engaging, purposeful, and has lasting impact. We build upon our extensive partnerships, strong local reputation, and technical expertise to achieve impactful and sustainable outcomes. CRS values inform how we interact with our peers, partners and the people we serve. The work of CRS transforms lives, families and communities, and everyone at CRS plays a role in achieving our goals.

CRS is proud to be an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. CRS does not unlawfully discriminate in any aspect of the employment process on the basis of race, color, ancestry or national origin, religion, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability or handicap, medical condition or pregnancy, protected veteran status, or genetic information and any other non-merit based status protected by state, Federal, or Country law.

Start Your Career in Style by Applying to these Open Positions at Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Director Principal Gifts (Remote)Baltimore, MD, United States  Posted on 09/27/2023  TRENDING

Procurement Specialist II, Consultant ServicesBaltimore, MD, United States and 1 more (Remote)  Posted on 09/27/2023  TRENDING

Digital Content Marketing ManagerBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/27/2023  BE THE FIRST TO APPLY

Business Development Specialist II, GhanaGhana (On-site)  Posted on 09/26/2023  HOT JOB

Manager II-Global Inventory and LogisticsBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/26/2023  TRENDING

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Regional Communications and Marketing Manager – West AfricaBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/26/2023

Business Process Owner -Oracle Functional ProjectsBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/25/2023

Business Process Owner – Oracle Functional PayablesBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/25/2023

Communications Officer – (Nigerian Nationals Only)Maiduguri, Borno, Nigeria (On-site)  Posted on 09/25/2023  TRENDING

Project Officer -MEAL (Nigerian National Only)Borno, Nigeria (On-site)  Posted on 09/25/2023  TRENDING

Head of Programming I, Beirut LebanonLebanon (On-site)  Posted on 09/25/2023

Technical Advisor III Africa Justice & Peacebuilding Working GroupGlobal, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/22/2023

Communications AdvisorNairobi, Greater Nairobi, Kenya (On-site)  Posted on 09/22/2023  TRENDING

Deputy Regional Director – Program Quality, LACRORemote, Guatemala (Remote)  Posted on 09/21/2023  HOT JOB

International Development Fellow – Global PlacementsBaltimore, MD, United States (On-site)  Posted on 09/21/2023  TRENDING

Partner Safeguarding Advisor IIRemote, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/21/2023

Program Manager II – Releve IIHaiti (On-site)  Posted on 09/20/2023  HOT JOB

Business Development Specialist II, CRS HaitiHaiti (Hybrid)  Posted on 09/20/2023  HOT JOB BE THE FIRST TO APPLY

Deputy Regional Director – Operations, LACRORemote, Guatemala and 3 more (Remote)  Posted on 09/20/2023  HOT JOB

Branded Content Writer & ManagerBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/20/2023

Deputy Head of Operations – FinanceHaiti (On-site)  Posted on 09/17/2023  HOT JOB

Project Officer – MEAL (Nigerian Nationals Only)Yobe, Nigeria (On-site)  Posted on 09/16/2023  TRENDING

Executive Assistant to CEOBaltimore, MD, United States  Posted on 09/15/2023  TRENDING

Technical Advisor III, REDI (Respect, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) – Program DeliveryBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/15/2023  TRENDING

Chief of Party I, SPICES Program, MadagascarMadagascar  Posted on 09/15/2023

Program Manager II, MEAL – Moldova & UkraineMoldova and 1 more (Hybrid)  Posted on 09/14/2023

Deputy Regional Director Program Quality, Central Africa RegionBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/13/2023

Emergency Program Manager II – DRIVE, DRCKinshasa, DR Congo-Kinshasa (On-site)  Posted on 09/13/2023

Chief of Party I – Food for Education and Child Nutrition, TogoTogo (On-site)  Posted on 09/13/2023

Technical Advisor II – Emergency Program Quality and Management – West Africa Regional (WARO) Focal PointBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/12/2023  HOT JOB

Head of Operations, NigerNiger (On-site)  Posted on 09/12/2023  HOT JOB

Head of Programming I – NepalNepal (On-site)  Posted on 09/08/2023  TRENDING

Program Manager I, Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) and Pacific OutreachMicronesia, Federated States of (On-site)  Posted on 09/08/2023

Program Manager II, Federated States of Micronesia and Pacific OutreachMicronesia, Federated States of (On-site)  Posted on 09/08/2023

Technical Associate II-Global Food CrisisBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 09/07/2023  TRENDING

Technical Advisor II – Social Cohesion & Peace Building, WAROSenegal and 3 more (Remote)  Posted on 09/06/2023  HOT JOB

Business Development Specialist Sr-Proposal WriterRemote, United States and 1 more (Remote)  Posted on 09/06/2023Senior BD Specialist, Proposal Writing – A key member of IDEA’s Growth Strategy and Support Unit’s (GSSU) proposal writing team, this position manages the GSSU’s proposal writing team, leads CRS’ proposal writing line of expertise and community of practice and provides strategic lead writing surge support on high-priority and complex proposals across our CRS regions and departments.

Head of Office – Daykundi, AfghanistanAfghanistan (On-site)  Posted on 09/06/2023  TRENDING

Strategic Learning Lead – Girma (RFSA) Program, NigerNiger (On-site)  Posted on 09/05/2023  HOT JOB

Regional Director, ASIACambodia and 6 more (On-site)  Posted on 09/05/2023  HOT JOBThe ASIA Regional Director oversees the work of about 800 colleagues responding to the needs of individuals and communities spanning the entire humanitarian relief-development spectrum across the country programs of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Timor-Leste and the Pacific, with outreach support provided to Caritas partners in another 8 countries.  With annual budgets of ~$50 million, ASIA region has developed innovative programming at scale in the signature areas of Homes & Communities and Disaster Risk Reduction, with exciting initiatives in the emerging areas of Climate Change, Government Systems Strengthening, and Livelihoods.  The updated regional strategy articulates a vision of influencing government, advancing local leadership, promoting workforce planning, managing risk and complexity, and climate action.

Strategic Learning Advisor (SLA), RFSA, HaitiHaiti (On-site)  Posted on 09/04/2023  HOT JOBThe SLA will promote coordination, collaboration and continuous learning across all RFSA activities. The SLA will ensure active, intentional and adaptive learning within and across sectoral activities, as well as knowledge sharing and application, activity-based capacity strengthening, evidence and data use and collaborating, learning and adapting (CLA). The SLA will develop and manage a system that captures, analyzes and disseminates learning, take the lead in collecting best practices and lessons learned and organize relevant reviews of program activities.  The advisor will also ensure robust stakeholder coordination with stakeholders (local partners, USG, governmental partners, international donors, multilateral organizations and private sector actors, etc). The SLA should have demonstrated experience in food security, knowledge management, organizational learning and capacity strengthening.

Regional Safety and Security Advisor (RSSA), Remote EARO and SARORemote, Kenya and 3 more (Remote)  Posted on 09/01/2023

Advisor II, ICT4 MEALGlobal, United States and 1 more (Remote)  Posted on 08/31/2023  TRENDING

Senior Accountant-Fixed Assets & InvestmentsRemote, United States and 1 more (Remote)  Posted on 08/31/2023

Program Manager II Malawi National OnlyLilongwe, Malawi  Posted on 08/29/2023  TRENDING

Chief of Party I-Urban Climate and Disaster ResilienceIndonesia (On-site)  Posted on 08/25/2023  HOT JOB

Technical Advisor III – Health and Nutrition, Central AfricaBaltimore, MD, United States (Remote)  Posted on 08/24/2023  HOT JOB TRENDINGCRS’ health and nutrition portfolio in Central Africa currently includes 19 projects with a total program value of over $600 million serving over 42 million people. The portfolio includes malaria, nutrition, HIV and AIDS, COVID-19, vaccination, and health systems strengthening activities. Your expertise, advice and influence will significantly contribute to determining how effective, adaptive and innovative CRS’ health and nutrition programming is across the region. You will contribute to strategy development in health and nutrition for the 10-country Central Africa region (Benin, Burundi, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria and Rwanda) and provide technical advice and leadership in health and nutrition to programs within the Central Africa region.

Regional Finance Officer, Central AfricaKinshasa, DR Congo-Kinshasa and 7 more (Hybrid)  Posted on 08/23/2023  HOT JOB TRENDINGAs the region’s financial controller and expert, you will provide overall strategic financial management direction and will support the regional and Country Programs’ (CPs) efforts in ensuring that the agency finance strategy is implemented throughout the region in support of high-quality programs serving the poor and vulnerable. Your expertise will help ensure the implementation of robust financial policies, procedures and practices put in place to control an increasingly complex and challenging funding and operational environment.

EMPOWER West Africa MEAL and IM Technical Advisor IIRemote, Senegal and 4 more (Remote)  Posted on 08/23/2023  HOT JOB TRENDING

Regional Partner Safeguarding Advisor – ASIACambodia and 6 more (Remote)  Posted on 08/17/2023  HOT JOB TRENDINGIn 2022 CRS rolled out an agency wide global Partner Safeguarding Policy and Procedure, which aims to ensure that all partners with whom CRS works with meets safeguarding minimum standards within specified timeframes. The Asia Regional Partner Safeguarding Advisor will be responsible the provision of capacity building and technical guidance to Country Programs and partner organizations in the Asia region, in line with CRS principles and standards, donor guidelines and industry best practices.

Donor Engagement Advisor (Non-USG, EU, & European Bilateral Institutional Donors)Remote, United States and 1 more (Remote)  Posted on 08/16/2023

Business Development Specialist II- Proposal WriterBaltimore, MD, United States and 1 more (Remote)  Posted on 08/15/2023  TRENDINGBDS II – Proposal Writer position on IDEA’s Growth Strategy & Support Unit. Role will provide strategic BD surge support in proposal writing across all regions and global teams and will support development of key BD resources, tools and guidance related to persuasive, audience-focused proposal writing.

Chief of Party I-Education Resilience Activity (ERA)Pakistan (On-site)  Posted on 08/14/2023  HOT JOB

Program Manager II-MEAL & Research CoordinatorPakistan (On-site)  Posted on 08/14/2023  HOT JOB TRENDING

Head of Programming I, Central African RepublicBangui, Ombela M’POKO, Central African Republic (On-site)  Posted on 08/11/2023  HOT JOB TRENDINGAs a member of the Country Program (CP) Senior Management Team, you will provide strategic direction, leadership, and management of the CP’s programming to ensure the establishment and successful implementation of high-quality programs serving the poor and vulnerable. Your leadership, management and knowledge will ensure that the CP delivers high-quality programming and continuously works towards improving the impact of its programming. As part of the Senior Management Team you will proactively manage security and mitigate security risks.

Senior Technical Advisor, Local Partner Financial Capacity Strengthening. Remote, United States (Remote)  Posted on 08/09/2023  HOT JOB

Business Development Specialist IIKinshasa, DR Congo-Kinshasa (Remote)  Posted on 08/03/2023  HOT JOB




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