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Top 10 Solar Companies in Nigeria: Illuminating the Path to Sustainable Energy

In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed a surge in the adoption of solar energy as a reliable and sustainable alternative to traditional power sources. As the country grapples with frequent power outages and rising electricity costs, solar companies have emerged as key players in providing clean and affordable energy solutions.

In this article, we will explore the top 10 solar companies in Nigeria that are revolutionizing the energy landscape and paving the way for a brighter future.

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Top 10 Solar Companies in Nigeria: Illuminating the Path to Sustainable Energy

1. EM-ONE Energy Solutions

EM-ONE Energy Solutions is a leading name in the Nigerian solar industry, offering comprehensive solar solutions for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Their team of experts specializes in designing and installing customized solar systems tailored to meet specific energy needs.

With a commitment to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction, EM-ONE Energy Solutions has established itself as one of the most trusted solar companies in Nigeria.

2. Blue Camel Energy

Blue Camel Energy is renowned for its expertise in delivering turnkey solar projects across Nigeria. From design and engineering to installation and maintenance, Blue Camel offers end-to-end solutions for both on-grid and off-grid applications.

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Blue Camel Energy’s focus on utilizing advanced technology ensures maximum efficiency while reducing carbon footprint.

3. Daystar Power

Daystar Power is one of the best solar companies in Nigeria. Daystar Power is dedicated to transforming Africa’s power sector through renewable energy solutions. With an extensive portfolio of successful projects across various industries including banking, telecommunications, manufacturing, and more; Daystar Power has solidified its position as one of Nigeria’s top solar companies.

4. Starsight Energy

Starsight Energy combines cutting-edge technology with innovative financing models to provide sustainable energy solutions for businesses across Nigeria. Their comprehensive services include rooftop solar installations, battery storage systems, efficient lighting solutions, remote monitoring capabilities, and more.

5. Rubitec Solar

Rubitec Solar is renowned for its expertise in large-scale renewable energy projects. With a focus on utility-scale solar installations, Rubitec Solar has played a pivotal role in boosting Nigeria’s renewable energy capacity. Their commitment to quality and excellence has earned them recognition as one of the leading solar companies in the country.

6. Arnergy

Arnergy is at the forefront of providing decentralized solar solutions for residential and commercial customers in Nigeria. One cannot doubt that Arnergy is one of the top solar companies in Nigeria. Their innovative “Solar-as-a-Service” model allows customers to access clean energy without the need for upfront investments.

With a strong emphasis on affordability and reliability, Arnergy is empowering individuals and businesses to embrace sustainable energy alternatives.

7. ASOLAR Nigeria

Asolar Nigeria is committed to providing cheap and alternative clean energy solutions in Nigeria and other countries in sub-sahara Africa.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Abuja Nigeria, Asolar Nigeria within its few years of existence has made its mark as a leading brand committed to the adoption of Solar energy as a sustainable alternative to the power challenges of communities in Africa.

8. Solar Force Nigeria

Solar Force Nigeria focuses on delivering high-quality solar installations for residential and commercial clients alike. With an experienced team of engineers and technicians, Solar Force ensures seamless project execution while adhering to strict safety standards.

9. Solynta Energy

Solynta Energy is renowned for its expertise in rooftop solar installations across Nigeria’s urban centers. They offer customized solutions that maximize energy generation while seamlessly integrating with existing building structures.

10. ACOB Lighting Technology Limited

ACOB Lighting Technology Limited specializes in providing efficient lighting solutions powered by renewable energy sources such as solar power. Their range of products includes LED lights, streetlights, floodlights, and more – all designed to enhance sustainability while reducing electricity costs.


As Nigeria strives towards achieving its renewable energy goals, these top 10 solar companies are playing a crucial role in driving the adoption of clean and sustainable power sources across various sectors of the economy. Through their expertise, innovation, and commitment to quality, these companies are not only illuminating homes and businesses but also paving the way for a greener and more prosperous Nigeria.



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