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Why Solar Companies(Manufacturers and Installers) Are Currently Flocking To South Africa

Solar Companies Flocking To South Africa

South Africa is experiencing a significant influx of solar companies, including manufacturers and installers. This surge in interest can be attributed to several key factors that make the country an ideal destination for solar energy investments.

From the persistent issue of load shedding and rising electricity tariffs to the decreasing cost of solar PV technology and abundant sunshine, South Africa presents a promising landscape for the solar industry.

Today, SolarEyes International will delve into the reasons behind the growing presence of solar companies in South Africa.

Some example to prove that solar companies are flocking into South Africa can be seen here, here and here. These examples show companies like Enphase, Shell’s Daystar Power Group and Starsight Energy all entering South Africa because of how the market is promising with a growing market demand.

Another trend interesting to note is the fact that many foreigners are coming to start or invest in solar companies in South Africa. This proves the fact that these people have seen the potential and market size for South Africa when it comes to solar energy.

Therefore, if you are a solar product manufacturer or solar installation company without presence in South Africa you might need to take a relook on how entering South Africa can be good to you. Do your research and see if you need to jump into this lucrative market before it is flooded.

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6 Reasons Why Solar Companies(Manufacturers and Installers) Are Currently Flocking To South Africa

Below are the reasons why solar suppliers and solar installation companies are currently flocking to South Africa.

1. Massive Load Shedding

Load shedding has become a major challenge in South Africa, with frequent power outages affecting businesses and households alike. However, solar panels offer a viable solution to this problem.

The country’s abundant sunlight and high solar irradiation potential make it an ideal location for harnessing solar energy. By reducing dependence on the national power grid, solar panels can mitigate the effects of load shedding and provide a reliable source of electricity.

2. Rising Electricity Tariffs

One of the driving forces behind the influx of solar companies in South Africa is the continuous rise in electricity tariffs. Traditional energy sources, such as coal, have become increasingly expensive, making solar power a cost-effective alternative.

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Investing in solar energy allows businesses and individuals to reduce their reliance on expensive grid electricity and save on their energy bills. As a result, the demand for solar installations has been on the rise, attracting solar companies to cater to this growing market.

3. Decreasing Cost of Solar PV Technology

Over the years, the cost of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology has significantly decreased, making it more accessible and affordable for consumers. This decline in costs has made solar installations more economically viable, attracting both residential and commercial customers.

Solar companies are capitalizing on this trend by offering competitive pricing and innovative financing options, further driving the adoption of solar energy in South Africa.

4. Larger Population and Buying Power

South Africa’s substantial population provides a vast customer base for solar companies. With a population of over 60 million people, there is a significant demand for reliable and affordable electricity.

Additionally, the country’s growing middle class has increased buying power, making solar installations an attractive investment for homeowners and businesses alike. Solar companies recognize the potential market size and are flocking to South Africa to tap into this burgeoning consumer demand.

5. Existing Infrastructure

South Africa already has an established energy infrastructure, primarily reliant on coal-generated electricity. This existing infrastructure provides a foundation for solar companies to integrate their installations seamlessly.

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By leveraging the existing grid infrastructure, solar companies can deploy their solutions efficiently and effectively, making it easier for consumers to transition to solar energy.

6. Many Hours of Sunshine per Year

South Africa is blessed with an abundance of sunshine, boasting one of the highest solar radiation levels in the world. With an average of more than 2,500 hours of sunlight per year, the country has immense untapped solar energy potential.

Solar companies recognize this advantage and are eager to capitalize on the favorable climatic conditions to maximize energy production and deliver sustainable solutions to consumers.


The convergence of factors, including massive load shedding, rising electricity tariffs, decreasing cost of solar PV technology, a larger population with buying power, existing infrastructure, and abundant sunshine, has positioned South Africa as an attractive destination for solar companies. The country’s commitment to renewable energy, supported by government incentives and policies, further enhances the investment potential in the solar sector.

As solar companies flock to South Africa, they contribute to the development of a sustainable and resilient energy infrastructure, creating job opportunities and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The future of solar energy in South Africa looks bright, with the industry poised for continued growth and innovation.

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