Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs

Humboldt research grant for postdocs and experienced researchers

The Humboldt Research Fellowship for researchers from all nations and disciplines: We support you – postdocs and experienced researchers – with your research projects in Germany.

With the Humboldt Research Fellowship, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation supports academics from all over the world with above-average qualifications. As a scholarship holder, you can benefit from the individual support provided by the Humboldt Foundation and our wide range of sponsorship services.

For the upcoming selection meetings we expect a success rate of about 20-25%.

We recommend researchers from developing or emerging countries whose research contributes to the sustainable development of their country to apply for a Georg Forster research fellowship , which is equivalent to a Humboldt research fellowship

SENIOR ENERGY EXPERT – Practical Action: based in either UK, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal or Zimbabwe

Researchers from Brazil can currently only apply for a Capes-Humboldt research fellowship . It is currently not possible to apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship Program.

What we offer you: Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

The Humboldt Research Fellowship enables you to carry out your personal research project at different stages of your career – in cooperation with hosts at a research institution of your choice in Germany. The hosts can apply for a research grant.


Use the research funding in Germany for a successful start in your scientific career. With the Humboldt research grant for postdocs, you can realize your research project in Germany. The monthly grant is 2,670 euros. It can be requested for a period of between 6 and 24 months.

Experienced researchers

Even if you are further along in your scientific career, research funding in Germany is open to you. With the Humboldt research grant for experienced researchers, you can realize your research project in Germany. The monthly grant is 3,170 euros. It can be applied for for a period of between 6 and 18 months and divided into up to three stays within three years.

general conditions

In addition to the scholarship amount, you will receive personal support during your sponsorship. You can then flexibly determine the start of your scholarship yourself. Even in the run-up to your research scholarship, you – and your spouse too – can attend an intensive language course. 

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Further financial support – family allowances for children and spouses, subsidies for comprehensive health insurance, travel allowances, etc. – is possible.

alumni programs

Even after your research stay, we stay in touch. With our alumni sponsorship measures, we flexibly support the individual life paths and careers of all Humboldtians and their cooperation with one another. A return grant or later, renewed stays in Germany are also possible.

You meet these criteria: Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

The Humboldt Research Fellowship is aimed at researchers from all over the world who have a doctorate and have above-average qualifications – regardless of their field of study.


The completion of your doctorate – or a comparable academic degree such as Ph.D., C.Sc. or similar – was the application received no more than four years ago? Or do you complete your doctorate in a maximum of six months and can already present the results in writing? Have you already published scientifically in journals and publishers that have been reviewed according to international standards? Then apply for the Humboldt research fellowship for postdocs if you also meet the criteria formulated under “General Requirements”.

Experienced researchers

The completion of your doctorate – or a comparable academic degree such as Ph.D., C.Sc. or similar – was the application received no more than twelve years ago? An extensive list of scientific publications in journals and publishers refereed according to international standards proves your independent, scientific profile? Then apply for the Humboldt research fellowship for experienced researchers if you also meet the conditions formulated under “General requirements”.

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If a doctorate is not possible or unusual in your subject or country of origin, you can apply for a publication achievement that corresponds to your career level up to 16 years after completing your master’s or diploma degree.

general requirements

In order to be able to apply successfully for the Humboldt research fellowship, you should meet the following additional criteria:



Research position commitment/statement 

reference report 

linguistic proficiency 

We assume that you adhere to the rules of good scientific practice  (PDF) and the principles of scientific ethics.

If you have already received funding from the Humboldt Foundation, you cannot apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship. Our alumni programs are open to you.

Is the Humboldt Research Fellowship not the right fellowship for you? Use our program search to find the funding that best suits your career, or let us advise you personally.

How to apply: Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

If you would like to apply for the Humboldt Research Fellowship, please submit the necessary documents to the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation online only.

If you have any doubts or are unclear, please contact us ( info[at]avh.de ) before submitting your application. We are happy to help.

apply online

continue application

We need that from you

Please note that you can only send your application once you have uploaded the following documents in the application form:

  • tabular curriculum vitae (maximum two pages)
  • Description of your research project (maximum five pages)
  • complete list of your publications (see sample publication list , PDF)
  • List of key publications (see sample key publication list , PDF)
  • key publications
  • Doctoral certificate or proof of the successful completion of the doctoral procedure, or confirmation that this will take place within the next 6 months
  • if applicable, German language certificate
  • if necessary: ​​declarations of acceptance and/or acknowledgments of receipt from publishers as well as summaries/translations of the key publications that are not available in German or English
  • In addition: statement and promise of research space from the host as well as two reference reports. Please note that only the host or the referee can upload these documents themselves in a protected area. The application can only be sent after this upload. Further information and explanations can be found in the application form.

As soon as your online application has been received, you will receive a written confirmation from us by e-mail. After examining your documents, we will inform you of the probable selection date.

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You should observe these deadlines

The selection committee responsible for your application meets every March, July and November . Please send your fully completed application form including the required additional documents in good time before the desired selection date. Processing the application usually takes four to eight months. In the case of incomplete or incorrect applications, the processing time is correspondingly longer, so that it is often necessary to postpone the application to a later selection meeting.

The date on which we receive your application is the key date for meeting certain formal requirements – in particular with regard to career level limits and previous stays in Germany. If the decision is positive, you can start your scholarship between two and twelve months after the selection decision.

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In the event of a negative decision, we will be happy to inform you of the reasons for this. Please apply for this informally by e-mail. About five weeks after the decision, you and your host will receive a corresponding letter. A revision procedure is not possible. However, you can reapply if you significantly improve essential aspects of the rejected application. If applications are unanimously rejected, a new application is unfortunately only possible after 18 months.




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