Agora Energiewende – Training Climate and Energy Transformation Experts for Tomorrow

Agora Energiewende – Training Climate and Energy Transformation Experts for Tomorrow


Find more information on the Hydrogen & PtX training and the application process.

Informed specialists play a crucial role in tackling global climate issues and shaping the energy systems of tomorrow. Although energy policy is primarily national policy, all national energy transitions also have a lot in common: international climate commitments, low carbon technologies, traded energy commodities, best practices for regulatory principles, market design, and more.

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To foster international expertise and knowledge transfer, Agora Energiewende and its partners at the Renewables Academy (RENAC) offer the following training programmes, which can be combined or taken individually. The trainings are particularly aimed at energy transition policy experts employed by or affiliated with a think tank or other non-governmental organisation working in the energy transition field. Experts from civil society organisations and/or an academic bodies researching energy policy or another relevant field fall into the wider target group.

Application process

Agora Energiewende in cooperation with Renewables Academy offers a variety of trainings:

Applying for Fellowship, Study Tour, and Hydrogen & PtX trainings

The application process for the Agora Energiewende-administered Fellowship, Study Tour and Hydrogen & PtX trainings opens twice per year (approximately 5 months prior to the start of the programme). Applications must be submitted as one single PDF document in English language.

Applying for Online Modules

Applications for the EnerTracks Online Modules are coordinated through a separate Call for Applications via our partners at RENAC. Applications for the Online Modules must be submitted through the RENAC website during the respective Call for Applications.

World Bank Group Africa Fellowship Program

Before submitting your application

Please read through the different training programme descriptions, as well as the eligibility criteria and application instructions below. It is possible to apply for multiple trainings at once, as long as your application includes all of the requested information and materials.

NOTE: Simply selecting all trainings during the application process does not automatically increase the likelihood of being selected. However, if you are a good fit, you can be selected for multiple trainings. Bear in mind that we always consider the overall group heterogeneity including regional and gender representation when we select our training cohorts. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of applications we receive, we are unable to respond to inquiries regarding status updates. Potential candidates will be invited to an interview within 5-8 weeks of the application deadline. We will be reviewing applications for all trainings on a rolling basis and highly encourage early submissions.

Upcoming call for applications

Hydrogen & PtX Training Spring 2024: Call for applications open, apply now

Fellowship Programme Spring 2024: To be announced

Study Tour Spring 2024: To be announced

Once you have read the programme information and eligibility criteria carefully, please submit the following in one single PDF document (English language) via the online application form.

  1. Your CV/resume  (max. 2 pages)
  2. letter of support from your home institution granting you permission to participate in the training (Applications not including this letter may be automatically rejected)
  3. motivation letter describing your current responsibilities in your organisation and how the training programme(s) would support your work in your home country (max. 500 words; around 4000 characters with spaces)
  4. Applications for the EnerTracks Fellowship (not needed for PtX or Study Tour): Aside from the motivation letter, applicants must also include information on the specific research topic/project they would like to expand on with their Agora mentor AND how this topic relates directly to their work (max. 250 words). Applications for the Fellowship not including information on the research topic may be automatically rejected.

Please use the following naming convention for this document: firstname_lastname_AgoraTraining_Spring2023 (ex.: joan_smith_AgoraTraining_Spring2023)

Note: Please have all documents ready before starting the application form. Unfortunately, you cannot save a partially completed form and continue working on it at a later point in time. The entire form must be completed in one session and submitted. Once you have submitted the application form, you will receive a confirmation email. Please make sure your email address is spelled correctly and check your spam folder.

The Hydrogen & PtX Training


Agora Energiewende invites a group of eight participants for an intensive two-week training on Hydrogen and Power-to-X (PtX) at our office in Berlin, Germany. Over the course of the programme, participants will take part in training sessions, prepared, and facilitated by Agora Energiewende’s Hydrogen experts. These multi-disciplinary sessions will cover the primary aspects of Hydrogen and PtX, including technological, political, and economic perspectives as well as the sustainability criteria needed to develop hydrogen economies. In a series of exercises, participants are guided to map the Hydrogen policy context and relevant stakeholders in their respective countries and discuss their learnings within the group.

The goal of the programme is to strengthen participants’ ability to weigh the opportunities and risks associated with Hydrogen and PtX technologies, and act as drivers of change in their country’s energy transition.

After participating in the Hydrogen & PtX programme, participants will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate technological and economic landscapes and their associated policy implications
  • Better understand the roles of relevant stakeholders and how to engage them to advance the debate on Hydrogen and PtX
  • Tailor and communicate messages to different audiences


Spring 2024:

  • 11th March 2024 – 22nd March 2023 (Call for Applications open until September 24, apply now)

The EnerTracks Fellowship Programme: Agora Energiewende – Training Climate and Energy Transformation Experts for Tomorrow

A small group of eight fellows is invited to come to the Agora Energiewende office in Berlin, Germany. Each fellow continues working part-time for their home institution while participating in training sessions that are prepared and facilitated by Agora Energiewende energy experts. These multi-disciplinary sessions cover a variety of topics such as energy markets, power system flexibility, and research methodologies, among others. Supplemental online and reading material, as well as group discussions, complement each of these sessions.

WWF is Hiring: Different Roles in Different Countries – Check and *APPLY

With the support of their Agora Energiewende mentors, each fellow tackles one specific transformation topic of their choice. The topic should be relevant from the perspective of the fellow’s own organisation, with the intention of transferring the learnings into their domestic work.


Spring 2023:

  • 24th April 2023 – 2nd June 2023

Fall 2023:

  • 6th November 2023 – 15th December 2023 (Call for applications closed)

If you are interested in our upcoming Spring 2024 Fellowship Programme you can fill out this form to be notified once the Call for Applications is open.

  • Eligibility criteria
  • What to expect
  • Logistics & accommodation

The EnerTracks Study Tour (virtual or in-person)

Over the course of 4.5 weeks (virtual) and 2 weeks (in-person), a select group of 12-16 energy transition professionals are provided with immersive training: either in Berlin or from the comfort of their own home. During the tour, participants receive intensive training in stakeholder engagement, electricity modelling, and design thinking. Under the guidance of RENAC and Agora Energiewende experts, participants work together in small groups and learn how to develop a comprehensive decarbonisation roadmap.


Spring 2023 (in-person cohort)

  • 5th June 2023 – 16th June 2023 (Participant cohort selected)

Fall 2023

  • No Fall 2023 training will take place. Trainings in 2024 will be published once defined.

If you are interested in our upcoming Spring 2024 Study Tour training you can fill out this form to be notified once the Call for Applications is open.

  • Eligibility criteria
  • What to expect
  • Logistics & accommodation (in-person cohort)

The EnerTracks Online Modules: Agora Energiewende – Training Climate and Energy Transformation Experts for Tomorrow

The online learning modules developed by the Renewables Academy AG (RENAC) offer participants the opportunity to uncover important topics about energy transformation at their own pace.

These courses are designed for all levels, providing an introduction to more advanced courses around the political, economic, and technical aspects related to the transformation of energy systems. The four modules can be taken as a consecutive programme or individually:

  • Module 1: Introduction to power systems – Fundamentals of electricity, generation technology, flexibility options in power systems, fundamentals of power systems and power markets
  • Module 2: Policies supporting energy transformation – Political support mechanisms for renewable energy, carbon markets, balancing power market design and operation
  • Module 3: Technical aspects of energy transformation – Aspects of grid integration of renewable energy systems, application and technical aspects of the four classic flexibility options (grid, storage, generation, demand-side e-mobility)
  • Module 4: Future trends in the power sector – Energy sector coupling, digitisation in the energy sector, an introduction to Hydrogen applications and more


EnerTracks Online Modules in Spanish:

  • 9th January – 9th November 2023 (Modules 1 to 4) (Call for applications closed)

EnerTracks Online Modules in English:

  • 9th January – 9th November 2023 (Modules 1 to 4) (Call for applications closed)

Please note: Applications for the EnerTracks Online Modules are coordinated through a separate Call for Applications via our partners at RENAC.

  • Eligibility criteria
  • What to expect

Any complaints? Agora Energiewende – Training Climate and Energy Transformation Experts for Tomorrow

The IKI Independent complaint Mechanism is intended to enable people who suffer (potential) negative social and/or environmental consequences from IKI projects, or who wish to report the improper use of funds, to voice their complaints and seek redress. It follows established international standards for International Accountability Mechanisms.

You can find more information on the IKI complaint Mechanism on the dedicated website here: https://www.international-climate-initiative.com/en/about-iki/values-responsibility/independent-complaint-mechanism/.



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