GIZ Internships Hiring Right Now!

GIZ Internships Hiring Right Now!

About GIZ

GIZ’s work is centered on sustainable development for a future worth living

As a service provider for international cooperation for sustainable development and international educational work, we are committed to a future worth living around the world.

have more than 50 years of experience in a wide range of fields, from economic and employment promotion to energy and environmental issues to the promotion of peace and security.

UNIDO is Hiring – x24 positions in Austria, Pakistan, Japan, Ghana, Cambodia, China, Ukraine, Ethiopia, Comoros, DRC, Iran, Chad, Madagascar and Home based

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The diverse know-how of the federal company GIZ is in demand around the world – by the German Federal Government, institutions of the European Union, the United Nations, the private sector and governments of other countries.

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We cooperate with companies, civil society actors and scientific institutions and thus contribute to a successful interaction between development policy and other fields of politics and action. Sustainability is the guiding principle of our actions. Our main client is the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

All clients and cooperation partners place their trust in GIZ to work with them to develop, plan and implement ideas for political, social and economic changes. As a non-profit federal company involved in international cooperation for sustainable development, we stand for German and European values.

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Together with our partners in national governments worldwide and with cooperation partners from business, science and civil society, we work flexibly on effective solutions that offer people prospects and permanently improve their living conditions.

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Sustainable development worldwide. GIZ is based in Bonn and Eschborn. Our business volume in 2021 was around 3.7 billion euros. Of the 25,422 employees who work for sustainable development in around 120 countries, almost 70 percent work as national employees on site.

As a recognized provider of the development service, we are currently sending 353 development workers.

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In addition, the Center for International Migration and Development (CIM), a joint venture between GIZ and the Federal Employment Agency, placed 143 integrated and 257 returning experts with local employers in the countries of assignment in 2022 or supported them financially or with advice and services.

GIZ Internships Hiring Right Now!

Job titleLocationFieldApplication DeadlineActions
Praktikant*in bei den Grünen Innovationszentren in der Agrar- und Ernährungswirtschaft, Schwerpunkt TeamBonnTrainees9/7/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in in der Gruppe Unternehmensstrategische Evaluierungen und EvaluierungsberatungBonnTrainees9/7/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in im Bereich Kommunikation und Wissensmanagement im Globalvorhaben “Nachhaltigkeit und Wertschöpfung in Agrarlieferketten”BonnTrainees9/6/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in in der Bereichsökonomie des AfrikabereichsEschbornTrainees9/6/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in für Monitoring im Vorhaben “Qualitatives Wachstum für Beschäftigung” in TunesienTunisTrainees9/5/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in in der Gruppe Bereichsprozesse des Regionalbereichs AfrikaEschbornTrainees9/5/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in Geber- und Nexuskoordinierung für JemenAmmanTrainees9/6/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in im Sektorvorhaben Klima zum Thema KlimafinanzierungBonnTrainees9/5/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in im Sektorvorhaben „Übergangshilfe als Instrument der Krisenbewältigung“ im Bereich Zusammenarbeit mit der ZivilgesellschaftBonnTrainees9/4/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in in der Gruppe Regelwerk und GeschäftsfähigkeitEschbornTrainees9/1/23
Job titleLocationFieldApplication DeadlineActions
Praktikant*in in der Gruppe Zentrale Projektevaluierungen der Stabsstelle Evaluierung (Standardindikatoren)BonnTrainees8/31/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in in der Regionalabteilung „Afrika überregional und Horn von Afrika“EschbornTrainees8/31/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in in der Gruppe Zentrale Projektevaluierungen der Stabsstelle EvaluierungBonnTrainees8/31/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in InlandssicherheitBonnTrainees8/30/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in im Bereich Governance (Schnittstelle Just Transition und Energiewende)EschbornTrainees8/30/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in für NRW-China KooperationDüsseldorfTrainees8/30/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in “Wasserstoff in der internationalen Zusammenarbeit”EschbornTrainees8/30/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in FinanzsystementwicklungEschbornTrainees8/30/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Praktikant*in im Vertragsmanagement FinanzierungBonn
Trainees8/29/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad
Intern (m/f/d) in global project NDC Assist IIBonnTrainees8/25/23Bookmark jobadShare jobad

AND MANY MORE…………………………………………..




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