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How to find a Good Solar Installer in the US

The solar industry has grown exponentially in the US in recent years, and with the increase in demand, the number of solar installers has also risen.

While having a large selection of installers to choose from can be a good thing, it can also make it challenging to find a trustworthy, reliable and skilled installer.

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If you’re looking to install a solar panel system on your property, here are some tips on how to find a good solar installer in the US.

Tips on How to find a Good Solar Installer in the US

1. Research and compare potential installers

The first step to finding a good solar installer is to research and compare potential companies.

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You can start by checking out online directories and review sites such as the Better Business Bureau, Google, and Yelp to read reviews and ratings from customers.

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Always pay close attention to any negative or positive feedback, as this will give you an idea of what to expect from the installer.

2. Check for certifications and licenses

When researching potential installers, make sure to check if they have the necessary certifications and licenses required to install solar panel systems in your state.

Licensed and certified installers will have the knowledge and experience necessary to install your solar panel system safely and efficiently, so you won’t have to worry about any issues once the installation is complete.

3. Ask for references

Another way to determine an installer’s reliability and skill level is to ask for references from previous customers.

A reputable installer will be happy to provide you with a list of satisfied customers who can vouch for their work.

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Make sure to contact the references and ask about the installation process, quality of work, and any issues that may have arisen.

4. Look for warranties and guarantees

A good solar installer will offer warranties and guarantees for their work. Make sure to ask about these before signing any contracts to ensure that you’re protected in case anything goes wrong.

Warranties should cover both the equipment and the workmanship, so you can rest assured that you won’t be left with any unexpected costs down the line.

5. Go with your gut

Ultimately, when choosing a solar installer, it’s essential to go with your gut feeling. If something doesn’t feel right or if you have a bad feeling about the installer, trust your instincts and look elsewhere.

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Going with an installer you trust and feel comfortable with can make all the difference in your solar panel installation experience.

How to find a Good Solar Installer in the US
How to find a Good Solar Installer in the US

Qualities of a Good Solar Installer in the US

It is without doubt that the success of solar installation largely depends on the quality of the installer. In this blog post, we will discuss the qualities of a good solar installer in the US.

1. Professionalism

A good solar installer should be professional in their work, including their communication, presentation, and follow-up.

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They should be able to respond to inquiries promptly, keep their clients updated, and provide comprehensive information about the installation process.

2. Expertise

A good solar installer should have the required knowledge and expertise to install solar panels correctly. They should have a team of skilled and qualified technicians who are trained to handle solar installation.

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Good solar installers should also have a good understanding of solar technology and be able to advise clients on the best solutions for their specific needs.

3. Knowledge of local regulations

A good solar installer should be well versed in the local regulations and requirements for solar installation. They should be able to obtain the necessary permits and ensure that the installation meets all the safety and environmental standards.

4. Quality products

A good solar installer should use high-quality products to ensure that the solar panels last long and perform well. They should use products from reliable and reputable manufacturers and ensure that they are suitable for the specific installation.

5. Ability to customize solutions

A good solar installer should be able to customize solutions to fit the unique needs of each client. They should be able to assess the energy needs of the client and recommend the most suitable solar solution.

6. Warranty

A good solar installer should offer a warranty for their work and products. They should be confident in the quality of their work and products and willing to stand behind them with a warranty.

As we always say at SolarEyes International – anyone selling a good product should be confident enough to give a longer warranty. Otherwise it should raise questions to the prospective purchaser.

What to Avoid when Selecting a Solar Installer in US

You definitely need to avoid some things when searching for a good solar installer in US locations. Below are some things to check and avoid.

1. Unlicensed Installers

Make sure that the solar installer you select is licensed to operate in your state. Check with your state licensing agency to verify the installer’s credentials.

2. Poor Reviews

Usually overlooked and skipped by many – don’t do that. Search for the solar installer’s reviews from both potential and actual customers.

Check online reviews and ratings of the installer you plan to use. Poor reviews suggest that the company may have issues such as poor workmanship, customer service issues, or failed installations.

3. Low Prices

Don’t make price your sole deciding factor when selecting a solar installer. Low prices may indicate that the company uses low-quality components, or that they lack experience and expertise in the solar industry.

4. Lack of Knowledge and Experience

Make sure that the solar installer you select has enough knowledge and experience in the solar industry. For example a good solar installer should not be confusing or not knowing the difference between power and energy – maybe a too technical example.

Check how long the company has been in business, the number of installations they have completed, and any certifications and awards they have.

5. No Warranty

Ensure that your installer offers at least a 10-year warranty on the workmanship and a 25-year warranty on equipment. This will protect you against any defects or issues with the system in the future.

6. Pushy Sales Tactics

Avoid installers who use high-pressure tactics to sell you a solar system. Don’t fall for this!

A good solar installer should provide all the information you need to make an informed decision without pressure.

7. Lack of Transparency

A good solar installer should provide clear and transparent information about the system, installation prices, and any incentives or rebates available. Don’t work with an installer who is unclear about these details.


Finding a good solar installer in the US can be challenging, but by doing your research, checking for certifications and licenses, asking for references, looking for warranties and guarantees, and trusting your instincts, you can find a reliable and skilled installer that will help you install a solar panel system that meets your specific needs.

By considering the qualities mentioned above, you can find an installer who is professional, experienced, knowledgeable, and provides high-quality solutions. A good solar installer can make all the difference in the success of your solar installation project.




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