ABOUT REN21 – Project Management and Research Coordination – Renewables in Industry and Industrial Policy

REN21 is the only global renewable energy community of actors from science, governments, NGOs and industry. We provide up-to-date and peer-reviewed facts, figures and analysis of global developments in technology, policies and markets. Our goal: enable decision-makers to make the shift to renewable energy happen – now.

REN21 creates an enabling environment to support renewables: REN21 offers a platform for a variety of stakeholders to engage and collaborate.

Armed with knowledge and tools, supported by a culture of dialogue and debate, and augmented by new ecosystems, this community of change strategically drives the deep transformations needed to make renewables the norm.

CALL FOR CONTRIBUTORS – SolarEyes International (fully remote)

POSITION DESCRIPTION – Project Management and Research Coordination – Renewables in Industry and Industrial Policy

REN21’s activities build on a broad and cross-sectoral community and are centred around crowdsourced knowledge, dialogue and debate, and communication activities. REN21 thrives for a strong integration of those activities to position renewables more effectively.

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As part of REN21’s knowledge team, REN21 is seeking a new team member to co-lead on REN21’s
knowledge activities and lead on the renewables in industry / industrial policy.

Centred around the production of REN21’s knowledge products (reports, briefs, fact sheets), the successful candidate will be responsible for project management, research coordination and community engagement and will support REN21’s knowledge-based communications activities.

This is a full-time position, based in Paris, France at the REN21 Secretariat office (3 days per week).

MAIN RESPONSIBILITIES – Project Management and Research Coordination – Renewables in Industry and Industrial Policy

Project Management:
• As part of the knowledge team, coordinate the production of REN21 knowledge products
(reports, in particular the Global Status Report series; briefs; fact sheets) along the full
production cycle: planning, content production, community engagement, editing, design,
• Participate in the day-to-day management of the production process, including setting and
monitoring of milestones, timeline, etc.

Research Coordination

• Monitor policy, investments, industrial and market trends and strategically develop REN21’s
knowledge activities, particularly on renewables in industry, industrial strategies and policies
• Participate in defining and further developing REN21’s renewable energy tracking; integrate
renewable energy indicators into REN21’s data collection process and databases; particularly on
industrial targets, policies and strategies
• Research and analysis: identify research needs; coordinate REN21’s internal research; manage
data collection (surveys, interviews, etc.); authoring of chapters’ sections
• Ensuring that REN21’s knowledge approach and quality standards are ensured throughout
REN21’s activities (carrying out critical review of texts, figures, tables, and additional chapter
contents etc.)

Community building and engagement

• Develop and maintain a diverse network of partners and contacts across sectors and specifically
in the industries and SME’s eco-system(s)
• Identify and mobilise the community (contributors, collaboration partners) to engage in REN21’s
crowd-sourced/collaborative knowledge building activities
• Interact with REN21 partners (IEA, IRENA, World Bank, UNIDO, industry associations, NGOs,
regional organisations, etc.) on renewable energy research and data

Communications – Strategic positioning of renewables

• Support REN21’s knowledge-based outreach and communication: provide evidence, ‘voices’,
talking points; authoring of blogs and posts
• Work with the communications team to develop targeted narratives that allow to strategically
position renewables
• Present REN21 reports and products at events, conferences, workshops, etc.
• Topical lead on renewables in renewables in industries
• Monitor relevant renewable energy demand trends, players, events, processes in the industrial
sector (steel, cement, food, paper, plastics, etc.) as well as in SMEs.
• Track renewable energy industrial policies, targets, and identify trends on strategies/roadmaps
related to industrial developments (local manufacturing of renewable components and systems,
trade, employment, gender, educational and reskilling, etc.)
• Sharing insight to strategically position renewables.
• Undertake qualitative and quantitative analysis of industry and industrial renewable energy
policy and associated topics for inclusion in REN21 knowledge products


The ideal candidate is a versatile team player with high level of strategic and systems thinking, sound judgment, and strong interpersonal skills is not afraid to ask questions, challenge the status quo and introduce new ideas when appropriate. Track record as an energetic, flexible, self-starting team player with the ability to foster a strong level of engagement across the team and networks.

We therefore require:

▪ At least eight years of professional experience – five of which in private sector, international
organisations, strategic consulting or industry associations – in the field of energy, climate,
industry, economy, business, trade and/or policy
▪ Creativity, curiosity and the courage to explore new topics and present new ideas
▪ Strong organisational skills with outstanding attention to detail
▪ Strong analytical skills, systems/integrated and goal-oriented approach
▪ Leadership skills to build and lead a community of partners
▪ Self-starter: ability to independently meet deadlines and handle multiple time-sensitive tasks
and competing priorities
▪ Ability to thrive in a collaborative environment and work with research and outreach teams
▪ Excellent communication (written & oral) and interpersonal skills

The following are desirable :

▪ Advanced university degree(s) in a relevant discipline, such as political science, economics, finance or business or similar, preferably with specialisation in energy. An understanding of the overall energy sector (production of energy, transformation, end-uses, energy policy) and its history is an advantage
▪ Knowledge of German and French are a plus
The position is full-time and based at the REN21 Secretariat in Paris, to start as soon as possible. The working language at REN21 is English.


We are a small, dynamic team dedicated to the rapid uptake of renewables. We are based in Paris, work in English and come from around the world.

We work in an agile, project-based environment; while each team member has a key set of responsibilities, we work collectively to make the shift to renewables happen – now. The REN21 Team works in person at the Secretariat in Paris, with up to two days working from home per week. Salaries are market-based (c.f. APEC salary grid).

The deadline for submissions is Sunday 5 March 2023 – 11:59PM CEST.






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Simon Tyrus Caine

Simon Tyrus Caine is a solar energy expert with more than 10 years experience in the solar sector. Simon has worked and lived in more than 5 countries. Simon has been involved in solar installations, solar project development, solar financing as well as business development in the solar sector. At SolarEyes International, Simon manages content development and day to day operations of the organisation.

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