x22 Energy Positions at World Bank

x22 Energy Positions at World Bank

About The World Bank Group

With 189 member countries, staff from more than 170 countries, and offices in over 130 locations, the World Bank Group is a unique global partnership: five institutions working for sustainable solutions that reduce poverty and build shared prosperity in developing countries.

The World Bank Group is one of the world’s largest sources of funding and knowledge for developing countries. Its five institutions share a commitment to reducing poverty, increasing shared prosperity, and promoting sustainable development.

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While our five institutions have their own country membership, governing boards, and articles of agreement, we work as one to serve our partner countries.  Today’s development challenges can only be met if the private sector is part of the solution.  

But the public sector sets the groundwork to enable private investment and allow it to thrive.  The complementary roles of our institutions give the World Bank Group a unique ability to connect global financial resources, knowledge, and innovative solutions to the needs of developing countries.  

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Partnering with Governments
Together, IBRD and IDA form the World Bank, which provides financing, policy advice, and technical assistance to governments of developing countries. IDA focuses on the world’s poorest countries, while IBRD assists middle-income and creditworthy poorer countries.

Partnering with the Private Sector
IFC, MIGA, and ICSID focus on strengthening the private sector in developing countries. Through these institutions, the World Bank Group provides financing, technical assistance, political risk insurance, and settlement of disputes to private enterprises, including financial institutions.

x20 Energy Positions at World Bank

Job TitleLocationJob FamilyApplication Deadline (MM/DD/YYYY)
E T Consultant  – ( World Bank | req23119 | EC3 )Colombo,Sri LankaDigital Development7/6/2023
E T Consultant  – ( World Bank | req23356 | EC2 )West Bank & GazaSocial Development7/10/2023
E T Consultant  – ( World Bank | req23393 | EC1 )Washington, DC,United StatesOther7/13/2023
Economist for Benin  – ( World Bank | req23426 | GF )Cotonou,BeninMacroeconomics7/18/2023
Energy Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23082 | GF )Nairobi,KenyaEnergy6/29/2023
Energy Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23084 | GF )Nairobi,KenyaEnergy6/29/2023
ET Consultant  – ( World Bank | req23243 | EC3 )Washington, DC,United StatesCommunications6/30/2023
Financial Management Analyst  – ( World Bank | req23241 | GE )Port Moresby,Papua New GuineaFinancial Management6/30/2023
Financial Management Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23196 | GF )Phnom Penh,CambodiaFinancial Management6/30/2023
Financial Management Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23242 | GF )Ulaanbaatar,MongoliaFinancial Management6/30/2023
Operation Officer  – ( World Bank | req23297 | GF )Washington, DC,United StatesOperations7/7/2023
Resource Management Analyst  – ( World Bank | req23264 | GE )Cotonou,BeninResource Management7/9/2023
Senior Economist  – ( IFC | req23174 | GG )Washington, DC,United StatesEconomics7/3/2023
Senior Energy (Finance) Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23074 | GG )Nairobi,KenyaEnergy6/29/2023
Senior Energy Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23080 | GG )Antananarivo,MadagascarEnergy6/29/2023
Senior Energy Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23085 | GG )Kigali,RwandaEnergy6/29/2023
Senior Energy Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23396 | GG )Pretoria,South AfricaEnergy7/19/2023
Senior Financial Management Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23239 | GG )Jakarta,IndonesiaFinancial Management6/30/2023
Senior Financial Management Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23240 | GG )Sydney,AustraliaFinancial Management6/30/2023
Senior Industry Specialist  – ( IFC | req23032 | GG )Bogota,Colombia MoreOther7/1/2023

x20 Energy Positions at World Bank

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Job TitleLocationJob FamilyApplication Deadline (MM/DD/YYYY)
Social Protection Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23355 | GF )Bucharest,RomaniaSocial Protection7/19/2023
Transport Specialist  – ( World Bank | req23238 | GF )Djibouti,DjiboutiTransportation7/13/2023




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