x43 Open Positions at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

x43 Open Positions at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Our mission is to create a world where every person has the opportunity to live a healthy, productive life.

We typically hear about two sectors, the public and the private. The private sector – business – is good at developing products and services, while the public sector – government – is good at delivering solutions to all the people who need them.

In many cases, the private and public sectors, acting either separately or together, meet people’s needs. But there are gaps, spaces where some people don’t get what they need to live healthy, productive lives.

x43 Open Positions at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
x43 Open Positions at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Here’s an example: A generation ago, the market for vaccines worked well in wealthy countries – if you wanted to be immunized against a whole range of diseases, you could – but the system did not work for other parts of the world. Certain vaccines just weren’t available for most people.

The private sector didn’t sell them in low-income countries because it wasn’t clear there would be buyers. Governments tried to step in, but they weren’t in a position to bring all the pieces — the funding, the partnerships, the logistics – together to make it work. Tragically, millions of children were dying of preventable diseases each year.

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This is the kind of problem that philanthropies can help solve, and it’s how we define our foundation’s role.

How do we actually help solve problems? What does our foundation do specifically?

Why work at the Gates Foundation?

We tackle some of the world’s toughest problems. Our employees are an incredible group of compassionate, committed individuals, drawn by the opportunity to make a difference. They come from academic, scientific, private, government and nonprofit backgrounds and you’ll work alongside top thinkers, problem solvers and doers.

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Put your talents to use in a fast-paced, stimulating organization where you can make an outsized impact. Year over year, our employees report they are proud to work here and are willing to go above and beyond in service of our mission to reduce inequities.

To have the greatest possible impact, we must make diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) a priority, starting with the people we hire and how we work to retain them. As our workforce grows, so does our opportunity to evolve into an organization that is more reflective of our partners and the communities we serve.

Research Fellow (P-4) Climate Change – UNU-WIDER

Our employees come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds and from all corners of the globe. Learn what inspired some of them to join the foundation and see what inspired them to join and discover how their previous experience translates to working in philanthropy.

x43 Open Positions at Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Senior Program Officer, Family Planning, locations: New Delhi, India, B019766

Senior Program Officer – Global Regulatory Affairs, locations: Beijing, China, B019765

Program Officer, Gender Equality Office of the President, locations: Seattle, WA, B019764

Strategic Sourcing Corporate Services Category Lead, locations, Seattle, WA, B019753

Program Officer, Polio Advocacy and Communications, locations: London, UK, B019755

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Senior Program Officer, Neglected Tropical Diseases, Product Development, locations: Seattle, WA, B019759

Senior Program Officer, Reinvent the Toilet – Industry Development Specialist, locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, B019756

Senior Program Officer, Africa, Program Advocacy & Communications, locations, Johannesburg, South Africa, B019754

Senior Program Manager (24 month LTE), Business Operations, Office of the COO, locations: Seattle, WA, B019752

Assistant General Counsel, R&D, locations, Cambridge, MA, B019607

Senior Coordinator, Archive Program, locations, Seattle, WA, B019748

WDC Operations Coordinator, locations, Washington, DC, B019740

Senior State Strategy Officer, K-12 Education, locations: 2 Locations, B019738

Program Coordinator, locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, B019737

Business Incubation Expert – Senior Consultant – UNEP, Home based

Program Officer, Vaccine Delivery, locations: New Delhi, India, B019734

Senior Program Officer, Program Advocacy and Communications, HIV & TB, locations: Johannesburg, South Africa, B019731

Senior Strategy Officer, Family Planning, locations, London, UK, B019727

Analyst, K-12 Research & Data (LTE), locations: Seattle, WA, B019729

Associate Program Officer, Routine Immunization Strengthening in Polio High-Risk Geographies (RISP), locations, Seattle, WA, B019718

Deputy Director, Finance, Planning & Analysis, locations, Seattle, WA, B019713

AND MANY MORE……………………………………………………..




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