World Vision is Hiring Globally – different meaningful positions in different countries

World Vision is Hiring Globally – different meaningful positions in different countries

About World Vision

World Vision’s approach to ending violence against children protects them today and empowers them for tomorrow. We do this by equipping them, their communities, and local partners with the tools to address the root causes of violence against children.

When disaster strikes, we are on the ground, quickly providing immediate support – and we stay helping to rebuild lives for children, families, and communities.

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One quarter of the world’s children live in countries affected by conflict or disasters, and more than half live in urban settings. Recovery is possible. With planning and collaboration alongside local partners, hope for renewal is alive even in the most hostile environments around the world.

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World Vision has over 70 years of experience working with communities, donors, partners, and governments to create opportunities for better futures for vulnerable children … even in the toughest places.”

Our decades of experience have taught us that the most effective way to transform lives is through a holistic approach. Our ultimate goal is to ensure all children are cared for, protected, educated, and feel the love of God and neighbours. We have one vision: To build a world where each child experiences life to its fullest. With the help of many, all things are possible.

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We empower communities and guide them to set their own goals and equip them so that progress made is sustained, and continued, long after we’ve left.

By promoting equality, inclusiveness, and sustainable economic growth, we can help end extreme poverty and allow at-risk children to reach their full potential.

All children have the right to lead productive and fulfilling lives. We help make this happen by supporting them with an inclusive, quality education for life in a nurturing and safe learning environment.

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Empowering children starts with parents and teachers—providing educational tools and training is the first step to help children become lifelong learners, improve their communities, protect themselves from violence, and live a productive and fulfilling life.

World Vision is Hiring Globally – different meaningful positions in different countries

AUXILIAR ADMINISTRATIVOlocationsVisionFund Office Méxicali, Mexicoposted onPosted Today, R23693

ASESOR DE NEGOCIOlocationsVisionFund Office Tlahuac, Mexicoposted onPosted Today, R23697

ASESOR DE NEGOCIO INDIVIDUALlocationsVisionFund Office Tlahuac, Mexicoposted onPosted Today, R23696

Accounts Payable Associate – Paymentslocations5 Locationsposted onPosted Today, R23552

AUXILAR ADMINISTRATIVOlocationsVisionFund Office Copainala, Mexicoposted onPosted , Today, R23656

GESTOR DE COBRANZAlocationsVisionFund Office Atlixco, Mexicoposted onPosted Today, R23435

Accounts ManagerlocationsAmman, Jordanposted onPosted Today, R23685

Targeted supplementary food program Facilitators. (7)locationsTigray Region, Ethiopiaposted onPosted Today, R23654

Finance ManagerlocationsAmman, Jordanposted onPosted Today, R23566

Area Program ManagerlocationsOmonada, Ethiopiaposted onPosted Today, R23600

Information Management and Digital Systems SpecialistlocationsAddis Ababa, Ethiopiaposted onPosted Today, R23617

Logistics & Fleet Management Coordinator – MoldovalocationsChisinau, Moldovaposted onPosted Today, R23676

Knowledge Management, Communication, and Advocacy OfficerlocationsSevare, Maliposted onPosted Today, R23531

Sponsorship Business OfficerlocationsGitega – Rutana Cluster, Burundiposted onPosted Today, R23620

WVV Area Program Administrative Assistant in Nam GianglocationsThon Dung – Thi tran Thanh My, Vietnamposted onPosted Today, R23260

World Vision is Hiring Globally – different meaningful positions in different countries

Remote – Supply Chain Coordinator – Response UCRlocations2 Locationsposted onPosted Today, R23015

People & Culture OfficerlocationsAmman, Jordanposted onPosted Today, R23671

WV Myanmar Director, Program Quality & Development DivisionlocationsYangon, Myanmarposted onPosted Today, R20951

Técnico de ProyectolocationsOficina Nacional, El Salvadorposted onPosted Yesterday, R23539

Analista de Patrocinio (Tijuana)locationsCañon del Sainz, Mexicoposted onPosted Yesterday, R23659

ASESOR DE NEGOCIOlocationsVisionFund Office Tijuana, Mexicoposted onPosted Yesterday, R23655

Health and Nutrition Technical Program CoordinatorlocationsGasorwe, Burundiposted onPosted Yesterday, R23608

Positive Youth Development CoordinatorlocationsBamako, Maliposted onPosted Yesterday, R23623

Grant Acquisition ManagerlocationsBujumbura Office, Burundiposted onPosted Yesterday, R23622

Senior Admin & Government Liaison OfficerlocationsAmman, Jordanposted onPosted Yesterday, R23589

WASH Engineer Hassan Yagoub YousiflocationsDamazine, Sudanposted onPosted Yesterday, R22522

Program OfficerlocationsAmman, Jordanposted onPosted Yesterday, R21585

People & Culture GeneralistlocationsGC Home Working, United Kingdomposted onPosted Yesterday, R20782

WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Finance Director, VisionFund InternationallocationsGlobal, Globalposted onPosted Yesterday, R23329

Inclusive Finance Knowledge Director, VisionFund InternationallocationsGlobal, Globalposted onPosted Yesterday, R23325

People and Culture ManagerlocationsMansourieh, Lebanonposted onPosted Yesterday, R23610

Director, Resource Development,locationsAddis Ababa, Ethiopiaposted onPosted Yesterday, R15242

Resilience and Livelihood Technical Program CoordinatorlocationsGasorwe, Burundiposted onPosted Yesterday, R23613

Sponsorship Systems AdministratorlocationsSOA, Sierra Leoneposted onPosted 3 Days Ago, R23437

Administration AssistantlocationsPreah Vihear Operations Office, Cambodiaposted onPosted 3 Days Ago, R23517

Facilitador de proyectos especiales – Riviera MayalocationsCiudad de México, Mexicoposted onPosted 4 Days Ago


Senior Project Managerlocations5 Locationsposted onPosted 4 Days Ago


Ressource Acquisition and Management Officer-2locationsDakar, Senegalposted onPosted 4 Days Ago


Ressource Acquisition and Management Officer-1locationsDakar, Senegalposted onPosted 4 Days Ago


Technical Director, Data ResponsibilitylocationsGlobal, Global

AND MANY MORE………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….





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