x7 Internship Programs at VESTAS – available in Spain and Brazil for both local and international applicants

x7 Internship Programs at VESTAS – available in Spain and Brazil for both local and international applicants

About Vestas

With a vision to become the global leader in sustainable energy solutions, everything we do revolves around the development and deployment of sustainable energy solutions.

Programme Officer, Partnerships for Renewables in Africa, P4 – IRENA, USD 77,326 to USD 87,422 annually

Every day, our 29,000 employees help to create a better world by designing, manufacturing, installing, developing, and servicing wind energy and hybrid projects all over the world.

With +164 GW of wind turbines installed in 88 countries, our sustainable energy solutions have already prevented 1.5 billion tonnes³ of CO₂ being emitted into the atmosphere and contributed to a more sustainable energy system.

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We have more than 40 years of experience in wind energy and were the first company to reach the 100 GW landmarks for both the installation and service of wind turbines.

Humboldt Research Fellowship – €3,170 monthly for experienced researchers and €2,670 monthly for postdocs: all countries eligible (except Germany and Brazil)

As such, we believe we have already played a crucial role in laying the foundations for the sustainable era, and that we are uniquely positioned to show the path to a sustainable planet.

Wind energy is our heritage and core competence. We believe wind will form the backbone of the sustainable energy systems of the future, and we remain focused on developing solutions that accelerate the energy transition and strengthen Vestas’ continued leadership in wind.

SENIOR ENERGY EXPERT – Practical Action: based in either UK, Kenya, Rwanda, Senegal or Zimbabwe

We work closely and openly with you to understand your business goals and how best to meet your needs, collaborating toward innovative long-term solutions. Each customer and project is unique, which is why we take the time to understand your specific requirements, and then work with you to plan the most effective way to meet them. Developing a wind power plant is a complex process involving multiple stakeholders, from insurance companies to financiers to regulators. We are well-versed in interacting with all these partners to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

Our relationship with our customers means the world to us. We hold ourselves accountable to those values by measuring the strength of our overall relationship via the Net Promoter Score through our Customer Loyalty Survey. The results are collected annually, and we appreciate the feedback from more than 800 customers around the globe. The Net Promoter Scores indicate that Vestas is highly performing in its industry.

Top 10 Solar Companies in Kenya – Installers

The Net Promoter Score for the wind turbine business increased from 38 in 2021 to 57 in 2022. For the service business, the Net Promoter Score increased to 56 in 2022 compared to 44 in 2021. The results are driven by a strong response rate and representation in survey from all regions. Note that the Net Promoter Score has a scale from -100 to +100, meaning that our results indicate a high customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Since 2007, Vestas has conducted an annual global Customer Loyalty Survey to provide concrete data for an active dialogue with customers, and to measure and improve how we meet our customers’ needs. In September 2022, 823 customers chose to participate in our annual Customer Loyalty Survey, representing more than half of those invited to participate. This shows a strong commitment to our partnership, and a valuable willingness to engage with us.

Vestas has implemented a feedback process allowing initiation of immediate improvements to start after a survey response is received.  In the survey, customers are asked to report on areas that can be improved through cooperation with Vestas. Measuring customer loyalty will continue be a top priority for Vestas, and we see a clear trend between expressed loyalty and actual willingness to place orders with Vestas.

x7 Internship Programs at VESTAS – available in Spain and Brazil for both local and international applicants

Job TitleLocationJob FamilyWork Experience
Production Engineering Trainee – Daimiel (ES)Daimiel, CR, ESProductionStudent / Trainee / Apprentice
Legal Trainee- MadridMadrid, M, ESLegalStudent / Trainee / Apprentice
Young Energy / Energia Jovem 2024São Paulo, São Paulo, BRAdministration, Facilities & SecretarialStudent / Trainee / Apprentice
Process Engineer Trainee – Ciudad Real (ES)Daimiel, CR, ESProductionStudent / Trainee / Apprentice
Grow TraineeMadrid, M, ESAdministration, Facilities & SecretarialStudent / Trainee / Apprentice
Intelligence Trainee – Madrid (ES)Madrid, M, ESMarketing and CommunicationsStudent / Trainee / Apprentice
Technician Intern – Wilmont, MNWilmont, MN, USField OperationsStudent / Trainee / Apprentice




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